October 22, 2013

I have over 400,000 pageviews!

It's an omen!

Although I often half-joke about nobody ever reading my blog, and of course, my haters always claim that I'm somebody they've never heard of (even though they obviously have and they're jealous as shit), my stats indicate that I'm doing quite well. Thank you, whoever you may be and wherever you are, for reading.

To all the people who've purchased things from my affiliate links, I thank you even more. My cats are going to enjoy the bag of treats which I can almost afford now.

I'm hardly the best writer in the world, and most of my older reviews are utter crap with grammar and punctuation errors all over the place, but I'm working on tidying them up whenever I get the chance. I think I've improved slightly as a writer since I moved everything from my old website and MySpace to Blogger in 2010, but I'll never be famous for doing this. It's just a hobby, and I certainly don't want to write for any other site or magazine. I don't have any ambitions as a writer because, basically, this blog is just a blog, and it's what I use to keep track of what I've watched or highlight anything else that interests me. If it interests other people, for any reason whatsoever, it's a bonus.

Judging from my traffic sources, most of my hits tend to come from people looking up horror movie titles, so you can ignore that idiot (whose blog is all written with centred text like a poem) who often claims that horror movie review blogs are boring. If you also write horror movie reviews, I'm sure you'll have just as many hits (or more) as long as you stay current.

While I was checking my stats, I saw that a few hits were coming from Horror-Movies.ca, which is weird because we don't have anything to do with each other. Their forum is full of all those "hugs you" and "twirls you round the room dancing" thread-crappers rather than discussions about horror movies, so we haven't seen eye to eye for over six years. I'm not even going to hyperlink their address because they don't deserve the reciprocal traffic.

On further investigation, a link to one of my more viral posts, namely "Who are the Horror Lamers?", had been reposted recently in their forum by one of my jealous haters who thought she'd have everyone on her side tearing it apart. Unfortunately for her, it didn't quite turn out that way, which I find ironic and hilarious in my own special way.

I must be doing something right because one of the posters on that forum had this to say:
"I don't know this guy, or the history, but I actually loved that article. It started off as elitist, but then I realized he managed to knock pretty much every horror fan in a sarcastic way that had some honesty to it.

The 'Other horror cliques online' part at the end was nothing short of brilliant. Yeah its fairly extreme, but there is a thread of truth in all of it. The 'Horror Haters' and 'Horror Contrarians' in particular are very much dead on. I laughed out loud reading that section."

Nice! Thank you, whatever your name is. I'm glad you enjoyed it. I always get a kick out of people who find my articles funny (especially as I have no sense of humour).

In other news, it's nearly Hallowe'en!

That means that I only have to write a few more new reviews about shitty new horror movies, and then I'm done with all that nonsense. Nobody reads anything to do with horror after Hallowe'en anyway.

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