July 1, 2013

My Region 1 Non-horror DVDs

Click the picture to see it bigger and sideways.

Although I posted this a couple of days ago on my Facebook page, not everyone who reads my blog uses Facebook, and I don't want to waste the picture. Don't worry, I'm not going to go through all the titles from arche to telos as I did with my Region 1 horror DVDs.

Yeah, I know that I suck at photographing shelves full of DVDs (my camera distorts the angles of the shelves for some reason which I can't work out), but I've seen worse on Blogger. Just to make it easier to read the spines, I've also uploaded a much larger sideways view which you can see by clicking on the picture.

These aren't all my DVDs, of course, but just the Region 1 non-horror ones from my cat room. My cats do, in fact, own the entire house rather than only one room so don't go thinking that I lock them in with my cast-off DVDs or anything. Sometimes we hang out in front of the 48 inch widescreen TV in this room and watch movies together. At least we used to before Suzi started surreptitiously peeing on the futon.

Some people like these little insights into my life, and who am I to blame them? I'm awesome in every way, and I have great taste when it comes to films. As you can see from the picture, I'm not always so precise with alphabetical arrangements, especially as the top two shelves here have their own nebulous order, but I did try to tidy the bottom two a year ago. There's no reasoning behind it other than laziness.

The second shelf down is also my "movies in the process of being watched" shelf and a dumping ground for some which I'm getting rid of. Thus, there are also a few horror DVDs here which I've already reviewed. This shelf is simply at a convenient height when I'm on a marathon or sorting.

If you see any obvious movies missing, the bottom shelf of this 5 shelf bookcase (which isn't shown) used to contain my Case Logic folders full of thousands more. I moved them to a closet because Willow likes to hide on the bottom shelf when there's a storm or it's too hot.

I also have a tiny collection of VHS tapes. Add these to my various downloads, screeners, Region 2 DVD collection, and the streaming services on my Roku box, and you'll realise that I have just about every movie ever made available to me in one form or another. I'm glad that I'm not into collecting cartoons, comedies or boxsets of every TV series though. Well, not yet anyway.

The majority of these DVDs came from FYE when I had more money to waste than I do now, but several were from my pawn shop and yard sale adventures. Either way, I've still spent a small fortune on them. Five years on, they're now practically worthless. Physical media is dying out so I won't ever buy Blu-rays.

Let me know what you think in the comments section below, and also tell me about what you collect. What's the most expensive DVD that you've ever bought? And which DVD do you most regret buying?

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