June 9, 2013

Dr Blood's Big Day Out 2013

My "Big Day Out" for this year actually took place over Friday and Saturday, but what with one thing and another, I was too exhausted to write about it until today. I walked miles with the sweat pouring off me, got almost boiled alive by the humidity, and really had enough of going through rows and rows of dusty DVDs. There comes a point when you realise that you already have far too many DVDs and it's time to stop, especially when the pawn shops now have less horror DVDs than you do at home.

As you know, I used to love going round the pawn shops to see what I could find and usually tried to hit them whenever I had an abundance of "internet money" (from Amazon affiliate sales or whatever). Basically, it was like getting free DVDs so that I could do more blogging.

For those of you seeking online entertainment through my rants, you already know that I hate most of the DVDs I get. Somebody else hated them enough to flip them in the first place too. Unfortunately, with affiliate sales and blog traffic at an all time low right across the board, I haven't had one of these "Pawn Shop Adventures" for quite some time. I'm far from rich (at the moment) so most of my money goes on necessities such as Monster energy drinks, Funyuns, and cat food. Admittedly, I probably need to do something about my Monster addiction, but it stops my migraines. It's also a pity that cats can't eat Funyuns. At least we can share the tins of Friskies.

Anyway, here's what I got this time:

I know, I know... I said that I wasn't going to buy more "Midnight Horror" DVDs, but at $2.50 each (as part of a 4 for $10 deal) for another 16 movies, why not?

In the first pack, I have "Night of the Living Dead" (for the 15th time!), "Keepsake", "My Sweet Killer", "Interview with a Serial Killer", "Final Remains", "Dark Woods", and "Colour from the Dark". Other than "Night of the Living Dead", I have no idea what these will be like.

In the "Hatchets & Cleavers" pack, I have "Dirt Boy", "The Ridge", "Green River", "Animal Room", "Followed Home", "Loaded", "Hollywood Scarefest", and "The Killing Mind". The fact that I can't even find some of these titles on the IMDb doesn't bode well.

I've been intrigued by the Cutting Edge Cinema/Extreme collections from R Squared Films since they came out last year, but I have a feeling that they'll just be handycam crap. I wouldn't buy the one with zombies on it anyway. In this case, I now have "Extreme Monsters" which is made up of "Closet Space", "Dreams of the Dead", "Evil Offspring", "Little Red Devil", "Spirits of the Fall", "The Whistler", "Where the Dogs Divide Her" (I like the sound of this one!), and "They Must Eat". The DVD case was damaged (the clear plastic was completely gone), but the artwork is still perfect so I'll just put everything in a new double DVD case if the movies are any good... which I doubt.

I bought another Echo Bridge Home Entertainment 8 pack just to break up the monotony of horror even though three (maybe four) of the movies may be horror in this "Action Thrillers" set. Some of these I already have or have already seen: "The Faculty" (already have with "Phantoms"), "The Hole" (already seen), "Animal Room" (is on the other 8 pack above), "The Lookout", "Living in Peril", "The Road Killers" (really good Christopher Lambert movie), "Two Hands", and "The I Inside" (which sounds familiar to me for some reason).

From the more expensive "DVD and Games Exchange Store" next door, I found the newer "Special Collector's Edition" of "Pet Sematary" because I lost my older copy anyway. I wrote about how I lost it ages ago, and I still haven't found it. They also had the older version for the same $5 price, but I chose this one. The older version has the same artwork as the VHS but doesn't have Mary Lambert's commentary on it.

And finally, last and very least, I have a new double-pack of coasters to replace the "Halloween" coaster that I had to throw away after using it to scrape dried cat shit off the floor. Call me wasteful, but that's how I roll. I get used to things being a certain way, and using Rob Zombie's "Halloween" as a coaster for my cold Monster energy drinks is just one of the things that makes me special.

I finished my adventure off with a half-day at the local "Riverfest" where I ate a burger and three "Hello Kitty" ice lollies. I know you don't care about that (nor do I really), but here's the scan of two of the "Popsicle" wrappers because I'm a hoarder and they were still in my pocket when I got home.

Now it's time to start watching all these movies.

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