July 2, 2012

My Region 1 Horror DVDs - part 9

The Fourth Shelf - part B

I'm starting to get a headache from sitting in front of my computer cataloguing these DVDs all day but I keep telling myself that it'll be worth it in the end. Once again, I have a picture which you can enlarge by clicking on it.

There's no good way to give this listing process any variety so I've stayed with the existing format.

The movie which effectively ended the "Saw" franchise before the producers realised their mistake and dragged it on for another four films which nobody cared about. This and the following came from the same pawn shop which had 100s of copies of the "Saw" movies and not much else.

Saw IV
I barely made it through this film, hated the look of it, and just wanted it to be over.

Saw V
I didn't make it through this one at all. I got this from a different pawn shop for $2 and it wasn't worth even half of that. I decided to not buy any more "Saw" movies at this point. I've never seen "Saw VI" but I did watch "Saw VII" (or "Saw 3D"). I'm just glad the franchise is over now.

Seed of Chucky
Although I like "Bride of Chucky" more, I still only have it on VHS. I bought this from Big Lots because Jennifer Tilly looks great in it.

Not in alphabetical order. I've been doing that a lot lately. This came from Big Lots when they had all those MGM titles. I thought it was suprisingly good, but I admit that I expected it to be the worst thing I'd ever seen when I first started watching it.

The Shining
If you don't know what this is about then give up horror now! I recently upgraded to this from my VHS copy which looks identical. I've also seen it in real plastic DVD cases rather than the crappy cardboard one. Kmart has this for only $2.99 so go there quickly and get one!

Shutter (remake)
What can I say? I like Joshua Jackson as an actor and I didn't even know that there was an original version of this movie until afterwards. It's actually a little bit scary in places. I'm sure I got this from the pawn shop when I was looking for something else so it turned out to be a bit of a bonus.

The Skeleton Key
This was from Big Lots a couple of years ago. I have various reasons for not entirely liking it but the end of "Alison's Birthday" (1981) is now my new one. I think I like Kate Hudson though.

This movie has everything. Not only are there vampiric cat monsters, lots of domestic cats, cameos by various horror writers and directors, and, most of all, sexy M├Ądchen Amick being sexy without trying, but it's just a good throwback to the early '80s in terms of style as well. Well worth $3 of anyone's money from Big Lots especially if, like me, you only had a VHS copy before.

I've double-dipped this with a recent multi-pack so I'm not going to say much about it here. It came from Big Lots, I bought it because it got so heavily promoted by the horror nerds on message boards in the year before I moved to America, and it stars Nathan Fillion who was still cool at the time.

I got the "Species" trilogy from Big Lots all in one go because, basically, I'd never seen them. This one was the best of a bad lot (no pun intended) and Natasha Henstridge was gorgeous as Sil.

Species II
The first sequel to "Species" was pretty crappy but what can you expect from sci-fi which pretends to be horror?

Species III
Sunny Mabrey takes over from Natasha Henstridge in this one and it's a slightly better film than the last one even though it went straight-to-video. There's a fourth one too but I lost all interest in this franchise when I heard that Ben Cross was in it.

Not a great film but I got it from the pawn shop a couple of months ago. I reviewed it when it first came out and wasn't impressed by its lack of originality. "Embryo" did this story so much better back in 1976.

Stir of Echoes is in my R1 folder.

The Strangers
Another cheapie from the pawn shop which I only bought so I could shout at the idiotic characters on my TV screen. It's a poor man's version of "Ils".

I have the unrated version of this from Big Lots, of course, and it's pretty gory in places. I liked the twist which I didn't see coming at all although I'm sure other people did. For a straight-to-video release this was both very effective and tragic at the same time.

The Stuff
I used to think this was better than it actually was but I've only watched it once since I found it lurking in the pawn shop. Larry Cohen also directed the "It's Alive" trilogy (which all suck) but he's written the screenplays for a lot of much better films.

Another recently double-dipped movie since it came out as part of a Lionsgate multi-pack too. This was marketed as a Canadian version of "Jennifer's Body" even though it was made four years before and isn't really the same thing at all. I got it from the pawn shop for $3.

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (remake)
As you can see in the picture, I haven't even opened this. It was $3.99 from T.J. Maxx and has some weird collectible metal plate inside the pack which I don't understand the point of. I watched the movie on TV and enjoyed it as much as the original but I just haven't watched this particular DVD.

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning
I really enjoyed this gory prequel although I doubt that I'll ever watch it again. It has a scored-through UPC so I think I got it from Big Lots but it may have come from FYE.

They Wait
Canadians seem to copy everything, don't they, eh? In this case, they made their own Asian horror movie which is just as good as (if not better than) a real one. Jaime King is of course the big selling point and she's certainly very beautiful. I also bought "The Spirit" with her in it from the pawn shop at the same time as I got this, but the less said about that film the better.

The Thing
Even if you have a blu-ray player, this is still the best version to have if you want to see the special features as nature intended. Everything on this DVD was copied over from the laserdisc version (not that I've ever seen one). "The Thing" is one of my favourite horror films of all time so I was happy enough to pay full price for it from FYE.

Thir13en Ghosts
Hardly a great movie but the look of the ghosts was quite good and, if you are feeling a bit timid, it could probably put the willies up you if you aren't expecting it. I got it from Big Lots just because I was collecting all the Dark Castle movies at one point and they had them.

The first of my Melissa George horror movies and a lot better than "Hostel" or any of its other clones. I got it from FYE by mistake in 2008 because I was actually looking for "The Last Resort" starring America Olivo which hadn't even been released at the time.

Torture Garden
I was so jealous of all the people that were getting this from Big Lots (when the branch nearest me didn't have it) until I walked into FYE and saw dozens of them in the bargain bin for only a dollar more. This is one of the better Amicus horror anthologies although only the last segment is really any good.

I got this from the pawn shop along with the Lordi film because there was nothing else left. It's not a good film at all but there's one Russian actress in it who ticks all the right boxes for me looks-wise. I think her name is Svetlana Metkina, but it might be the other one, Yuliya Mikhailova. It doesn't really matter because I doubt that either of them will act in anything else that I will ever watch.

Not much further to go now. It's been an epic journey and I didn't even have to throw a ring into a volcano.

There's only half a shelf of regular DVDs left and then it's on to the multi-packs. Will I ever do more? We shall see.

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