June 20, 2012

My Region 1 Horror DVDs - part 2

The First Shelf - part A

I have no idea why this shelf is so difficult to photograph but the same section of DVDs keeps reflecting a light source other than the flash on the camera no matter what I do or how I position either myself or the shelves. Maybe they are cursed. Woo-oooh, spooky!

Anyway, here's the first half of the first shelf. Click the picture to see it bigger.

I'll now go through them from left to right just in case there's anything I can tell you about them other than the obvious.

28 Days Later
I have no idea why I bought this because, to me, it's just a ripoff of the BBC's version of "Day of the Triffids" but with Rage-victims/running-zombies instead of killer plants. I would hazard a guess that I picked it up because it was cheap or I needed something to complete a "3 for $10" deal in the swap shop. I know it was one of the first DVDs that I bought when I arrived in America but, other than that, I have no clue about where it came from.

28 Weeks Later
Surprisingly, I also have the sequel to "28 Days Later" even though it was absolutely awful after the really exciting first ten minutes. I got this from a yard sale for $1 as the original purchaser didn't think much of it either. It's an ex-rental copy but in immaculate condition which suggests that nobody felt like hiring it.

30 Days of Night
There are two reasons why I bought this: vampires and Melissa George. That's it really. I thought it was an ex-rental copy because I remember going into Hollywood Video every week to see if the price would drop on it. It seems like a long time ago now but I must have given up on waiting for their $14.99 deal to go to $7.99 and bought it new from FYE. This was, of course, when I first arrived in America and had more money than sense due to the exchange rate. Some tiny scratches ended up on this DVD from putting it into a folder at one point (which still annoys me) but it's not as if I can't buy another any time now for $2. The endorsement from Dreadcentral on the front of the sleeve says, "The most terrifying vampire movie ever made." Well, it isn't and their opinion (not just about this but about everything) is now invalid.

This was a recent pawn shop find but it's a "Blockbuster Exclusive" edition. I have no idea if it was an ex-rental or a sell-through. Either way, I liked the first 40 minutes or so enough to add it to my collection.

I bought this fairly recently from the pawn shop too to replace my Region 2 version which has errors on it. I still haven't played it so I can't tell you anything about it, if it's the director's cut or if it's standard. I think it came from Wal-mart originally.

Alone in the Dark used to be here but I sold it.

American Psycho
I traded in 75 DVDs at a local "DVD and Games Exchange" (not the actual name of the store, by the way) roughly two years ago and, because I chose to have the store credit rather than cash, one of the DVDs I later purchased from them was this "Killer Collector's Edition" (aka "Uncut Version") of "American Psycho". I thoroughly enjoyed it and the director's commentary. I also had the sequel for a little while but it was crap and I traded it back in.

An American Werewolf in London
This came from Big Lots about two months before the total madness of bargain $3 DVDs kicked off in there. I was amazed to see this for $3 especially as I only ever had it on a "4 Front Deletions" VHS tape back in the UK. Needless to say, I carried this all round the store as if it was gold before buying it. Oh, the naivity.

An American Werewolf in London - Full Moon Edition
You probably know that I recently upgraded to this version for the documentary. I still haven't watched it all but I think "Tall Paul" did a pretty good job with it.

The Amityville Horror (remake)
Guess why I bought this? That's right, Melissa George again. It's an okay film, not quite as good as the original but it still stands up for itself in its own way. I got it from Big Lots for $3.

The Amityville Horror
If you've read my review of this, you'll know that I actually have two copies of this movie. This is the one with the documentary on it. The older version is in my "cat room" along with my miscellaneous DVDs and "action movie" shelves. I have a lot of action movies which I watch with my cats but I keep a copy of Amityville in there too because walking ten feet is such a chore. Yeah, I'm lazy. I'm not sure which one came from where but one came from FYE and one came from Big Lots.

Amityville II: The Possession
Again from Big Lots. It's not the greatest movie in the world but I always thought the sister was really hot and I enjoy the erotic pervy scene. You know what I'm talking about.

Amityville III: The Demon
Just for completeness, I got this at the same time as the second one. I had a choice of titles but took this over the "3D" labelled one. It doesn't matter because they are both the same version, the 3D doesn't work, and the movie itself is awful.

Amityville 4: The Evil Escapes
Even though this is the officially released DVD, it's such a poor transfer that I wasn't entirely sure that it wasn't a bootleg version. I used to have this as a big box ex-rental VHS tape back in the UK and remembered it fondly. I never realised that it was a made-for-TV movie until I got to America though. I got this using $5 of my store credit at the "exchange".

Angel Heart will go here when I find a copy.

My Bloody Valentine / April Fools Day
I hate the first movie and so this is in alphabetical order because of the second one on this double-feature from Wal-mart. Again, "April Fool's Day" was something I used to own on VHS before moving and remembered it with rose-tinted glasses. It's way better than the remake but it's very '80s and not something that I've watched more than once since.

Basket Case used to be here but I sold it.

Bay Cove
I just bought this one for $2. I watched it years ago on ITV when they used to put on movies which broke for the "News at Ten" in the middle. I really liked it so I hope that I'm not too disappointed when I eventually get to watch it again.

The Black Cat (Masters of Horror)
Without doubt, this was the best episode of "Masters of Horror". Although I also liked "Jenifer" and the actress who was in "Deer Woman", I was very disappointed by most of the series when it was on TV and never really wanted to own any of it. Of course, when a $2 deal came up, I thought, "Why not?" I have a feeling that I'm going to end up with a few more episodes eventually now though.

Black Xmas used to be here but I sold it.

Blade II
Why no "Blade"? Well, I have the Region 2 version in a folder and don't have a Region 1 case to put it on the shelf. I also don't want to mix the regions because some of my DVD players are multiregion and some aren't. It gets annoying when you put the wrong region DVD into the wrong DVD player and, because I've swapped them around (and moved) so much, I can't remember which ones I've unlocked and which I haven't anymore. I got this sequel from Big Lots but I hadn't even thought about owning a copy until it was $3. It's not as good as the first one.

Blade Trinity
I was in "TJ Maxx" (or is it "TK Maxx"? I can't remember which country has which initials anymore) when I bought this for $3.99. It's the unrated version so it has Ryan Reynold's excellent insult in it which almost made up for Wesley Snipes' performance. I also have the TV series in a box set which I won from a horror website who were promoting it. It wasn't very good so it's on another bookcase.

Yes, I have them.

I haven't even opened this. From the price label, I know it was from Big Lots. I think what happened was that it was shown on TV around the same time as I bought it. It's an older film and, of course, I've already seen it. One day, I'll watch it again because Madeleine Stowe was kinda hot back in the day.

The Blob will go here when I find a copy.

Blood & Chocolate
If you like "Twilight", you'd probably like this. It was from the producers of "Underworld" but it's all about werewolves. I think it's based on a book but I don't read and don't know for sure. I have a bit of a pervy thing for Agnes Bruckner (from "The Woods" and "Vacancy 2") so you'll see a few more titles starring her among my collection for sure. This was from the pawn shop.

Guilty pleasure time. From how immaculate the box is on this one, I'm sure that I paid full price for this from somewhere. It was probably Wal-mart or Target and certainly within the last two years. There's one really hot scene in it and, to be honest, I only have it to look at Kristanna Loken.

The Boogeyman / The Return of Boogeyman used to be here but I sold it.

Book of Shadows: Blair Witch 2
I almost loathe "The Blair Witch Project" (although I have it on VHS which is the format it belongs on) but like this a lot more. It has better production values for one thing and is a real film not that "faux found footage" nonsense. This was another one from Big Lots for $3. I've watched it once and enjoyed it especially as the Goth chick was really hot.

Bordello of Blood
It's a little bit more light-hearted than most of my horror movies and kind of in the same vein (no pun intended) as "Fright Night". I got it in Big Lots during the highest point of their DVD sales along with the other "Tales from the Crypt" movie - "Demon Knight". A couple of weeks later, Big Lots were selling a double-feature version which I would have preferred just to free a DVD space on my shelves.

Brainscan used to be here but I sold it.

The Bride
Jennifer Beals nude. Enough said? Actually, I really like the interactions between the monster and the dwarf in this and it looks great. Having a mainly British cast helps to give this a neo-Hammer atmosphere although Sting isn't very good in it. This was from FYE's bargain bin.

The Brood
From the pawn shop but originally from Big Lots when they had all those dodgy MGM titles. I've seen the film many years ago on Channel Four and more recently on Zone Horror. I'm undecided about it because I'm not a David Cronenberg fan. I find his stuff (apart from "The Fly") to be too alienating and weird.

Bubba Ho-Tep used to be here but I sold it.

People really moaned about this not being a real horror movie but it is. It's also very much a drama about madness and a little bit more cerebral than a lot of the keyboard warriors on certain forums would give it credit for. If that fails to satisfy you, Ashley Judd gets her boobs out. That's the only reason I bought it too.

Burnt Offerings
Allegedly, Stephen King had this in mind when he wrote "The Shining" and it's not too hard to see the influence. I bought this in Big Lots because I'd never seen it or even heard of it before. I have a feeling that this movie had a much bigger following in America than it ever did in Britain so it deserves its place in my Region 1 collection.

I won't say anything about The Butterfly Effect Collection as not only is it cut off in the picture but I haven't even watched it yet. I've only seen the third one on the "After Dark Horrorfest" 8 movie pack and that sort of sucked.

Tomorrow, I'll do the other half of this shelf.

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