May 16, 2012

Horror bloggers who have disappeared

A small annoyance of mine is that the blogroll widget only allows me to display 300 of the 1000 or so blogs which I follow so sometimes a horror blogger quits the scene for months before I notice it.

I've often been criticised for following over 1000 blogs (and for writing half a dozen of them myself), but if I didn't do so then I wouldn't be able to write this post about them. The only drawback (even for someone as internet addicted as myself) is commenting everybody, but since I've lost another two followers this month because of the things I say online, perhaps that's a good thing.

Anyway, without further ado, here's a list of what appear to be dead horror blogs. What happened to these guys and ghouls?

80's Horror Movies
After Midnight, Behind the Closet Door
Deathtouch Horrors
Paracinematic Cinephile
Who Wants Taters???
Fright Club
Fan Fatales
Lavender Lair Of Horror
The Paradise of Horror
Deadly Serious
Pixie's Horror Galore
Ballistic Blood Bullets
Chicago Ghouls
Aditya's Movie Blog
Fears and Frights
Jonathan's Haunted House of Horror
Brutally Violent & Wonderful
The Haunted Drive-in
Sean Thomas Fisher's Blogwash
The Midnight Brood
Dead Of Night Radio
Scare Sarah
I Will Devour Your Content
Dr. Algernon Blacksteed's Good Times With Bad Movies
Monster Chiller Horror Theatre
DRACULAND: The Dracula´s Blog
Gore Gore Dancer Movie Reviews
Toolshed of Horror!
This girl digs horror
Horror Stuff Hunter
Horror Snark
Because I Saw The Film
Careful With That Blog, Eugene
Doctor Cyclops Horror
Found Horror
His Eyes Were Watching Movies
The Bleaux Leaux Reveaux
Ghouls Just Wanna Have Fun!
A Gory Place
Forgotten Horror Cinema
Grave of Horror Movies
The Universal Horror Archive
Killer Kittens From Beyond The Grave
The Angry Movie Lurker
Dr. Goremans Nightmare Emporium
Fetid Press
Zombie University
The Zombie Review
The House that Dripped Blog
B-Movie Holocaust!
The Last Site On The Left
Ghouls on Film
Chronicles of a Rambling Mind
Horror in Retrospect
Confessions of a Gore whore
Dead Derrick's Reviews
Bearded Weirdo Reviews
The Vault of Horror
I Spit on Your Gaze
Paracinema...The Blog
Horror is as Horror does...
Jesse's Little Shop of Horrors
Horror Magazines Hunter
Hack and Slash Horror Blog.
The Blood Shed

I don't know if, like me, they just had enough after Hallowe'en last year and the dearth of new horror movies which followed, if the writers themselves physically died, had their internet connection shut off, or if they've simply moved on to Facebook, Twitter or Wordpress (as Blogger tried to force a new dashboard interface onto us all).

I do know that blogging isn't for everyone and I also know how difficult it is to make a comeback after being away from it for a while, but even the worst of these bloggers had something to offer which will be missed.

I already miss their comments even though I've never had all that many from anybody. Sometimes there simply isn't a comment possible depending on what you write about.

If you wrote one of these blogs and you are still reading mine, let me know the reasons why you gave up.

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