October 14, 2011

I bought that for a dollar - part 5

This wasn't such a bargain. Although it's nice to have a cheap copy of Amicus' "Vault of Horror" (1973), this is the censored version which isn't quite so worthwhile. You don't get to see Terry Thomas' "Odds and Ends" in a jar and several of the gorier moments are replaced with still images.

"Frightmare" (1983) is actually Norman Thaddeus Vane's "Body Snatchers" not the gritty Pete Walker film about British cannibals from 1974. It's very cheap looking and badly transferred. Worse than that, it's just not a very good film anyway. At least it has an early appearance by Jeffrey Combs in it but that still doesn't make it worth even 50c.

Although both films are watchable, with "Vault of Horror" actually being the far more enjoyable of the two, if you ever see this DVD in a Dollar Store, I suggest leaving it there.

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