July 9, 2011

The Top Ten Most Heroic Cats

To redress the balance after my last post about cats, The Top Ten Most Evil Cat Deaths, here are some feline stars seen in more favourable circumstances.

1. Cat's Eye (1985)

General, aka The General, not only travels half-way across the country to save his beloved Amanda from an evil troll, but he endures all kinds of harsh treatment and torture along the way without complaining once. Truly a hero.

2. Alien (1979)

Everyone knows Jonesy. He has to be the most famous cat in horror even though there are still many who would argue that "Alien" isn't a horror film at all. He doesn't do anything more heroic to earn his place than hiss at an alien twenty times his size, but it's enough.

3. Sleepwalkers (1992)

Deputy Clovis knows the true vampiric nature of Charles and Mary Brady. Not many cats are capable of raising an army of more cats to save the human race, but he does.

4. The Shadow of the Cat (1961)

After her human is viciously murdered in front of her, Tabitha sets out to bring the assailants to justice, Her methods may be a little unorthodox, but what do you expect? She's only a cat.

5. Constantine (2005)

Without Duck, there would be no easy journey into Hell for John Constantine, Cats are half-in, half-out already, which only shows how truly heroic they must be all the time.

6. The Crow (1994)

Gabriel not only survives the massacre of his humans but stays to remind Eric Draven of his past in a way that no mere bird can. His reward? He gets to stay with Sarah for the sequel and protect her.

7. Let the Right One In (2008)

They may only be CGI cats, but they do their best to battle the newly created vampire Virginia. It's not as epic as "Sleepwalkers" as the whole fight scene is unintentionally funny.

8. Chillers (1990)

Portland Bill is just a cat who finds a couple of severed fingers while out hunting, but it's enough to spark a whole murder investigation. Here he gets his reward.

9. Black Christmas (1974)

Claude may not do anything that most people would consider heroic, but he survives the death of his mistress and everyone else in the sorority house. Some might even consider him to be a "final cat".

10. The Uncanny (1977)

These cats and a couple of dozen more get revenge on the murderers of Miss Malkin, their human carer, although arguably, they might only have done it to protect their inheritance. Yes, cats are quite mercenary like that.

If you want to see more cats in all kinds of horrific situations, check out my other blog - The Horror Cats. It's the purrfect accompaniment to a Summer day.

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