July 18, 2011

See the Sea (1997)

(AKA Regarde la mer)

"Sasha, a young British woman, is living with her baby daughter at Ile d'Yeu, a peaceful beach community. A stranger appears. Her name is Tatiana, she's passing through, and pitches her tent in Sasha's yard. The two women build an odd rapport, and tension builds as events unfold."

Having now seemingly run out of anything without subtitles to watch on Netflix, I decided to give this little film from François Ozon a go. It was only 52 minutes long so it wasn't any worse than watching a TV episode really.

It was okay but not exactly brilliant. I could tell what was going to happen from the moment Tatiana arrived but I was hoping for a lot more sordid action first. Although it didn't really go the way that I wanted, it was still pretty filthy so I wasn't too disappointed. My new word for the day is "chairgasm".

The actresses were quite good though neither was all that physically attractive. Their characters were even more disgusting so I didn't exactly warm to either of them. Sasha, in particular, was just so clueless that she deserved everything that happened to her.

I've got a feeling that "See the Sea" was supposed to be shocking when it came out but now it's nothing special really. It's well done considering the low-budget but not something I'd want to buy especially now that I know the price at Amazon. $22.49 for a 52 minute film? Get real. I wouldn't give you more than 50c for it.

Unless you are a film school student or similar then you wouldn't watch "See the Sea" more than once. As an obvious precursor to "À l'intérieur" (2007) it may be of some historical interest though, since I hate that film with a passion, I don't even care.

It's not scary but, fortunately, it's not arty. "See the Sea" is more of a character study than a thriller and not really something that horror fans would ever rave about.

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