July 26, 2011

My favourite computer game - Atic Atac

Many years ago when I was very young and dinosaurs still walked the Earth, one of the best things to own was a 48k Sinclair ZX Spectrum computer and, of course, the game called "Atic Atac".

Here's what it looked like:

What did you expect? It was 1983 after all.

Anyway, you don't even need to download an emulator to play this because it's been remade. Yes, there is a new version (actually 5 years old now) with updated graphics and sound available from the Retrospec site at http://retrospec.sgn.net/game/atic. Best of all, it's free!

The download link says it's for Windows XP but I've had it running on Windows 98, Me, 2000 and Vista so I think it just needs DirectX rather than a specific operating system. It'll also work on just about any computer as I've been playing it on an old Pentium II 300mhz Panasonic Toughbook and it's just as fast on that as on my desktop.

I think it's lush. Just look at the screenshot!

I've been playing it for ages now and, just like the old days, I still can't beat it. In fact, I think I've only ever completed "Atic Atac" once in my life and that was through cheating with a map from either "Sinclair User" or "Crash" magazine (also available online - http://www.nvg.ntnu.no/bbc/sw/Ultimate/AticAtac-map.jpg).

Retrospec have also remade a ton of other games if horror games aren't your thing (shame on you if they aren't!). Check them out at http://retrospec.sgn.net.

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