June 5, 2011

Death at Deadpit.com

It's been a long time since I had anything to do with the guys who run the Deadpit podcast, as I left their message board amidst a load of stupid arguing and internet drama way back in early 2008. Three years on, we're all a bit older (and some of us are wiser) and, for one of the few times in the five year history of their online "radio" show, I have to agree with a few things that were said by Wes Vance (aka "The Creepy Kentuckian").

On June 3rd, Deadpit created a tribute show to one of their fallen "brothers" named "Don Muggins". I never knew him as he joined their message board about a year after I ceased to post there and, since I'm not overly keen on going to horror conventions anymore, our paths never crossed. Maybe you knew him if you move in those circles but I didn't so it's not really my place to comment on his tragic death other than to say that the death of anyone is obviously pretty devastating for everyone left behind. I can imagine what his family and close friends are going through right now.

What actually stood out for me was one of Wes Vance's introductory comments which I've done my best to transcribe for you below.

"But, uh yeah, I mean it sort of puts in perspective, you know, like a lot of things, I mean we've had feuds with some people online and stuff like that and, you know, a couple of occasions, I still think that we were right on the money but, I mean, you know at the end of the day it's stupid, you should really like... it's people like that you should be... I guess you should really be cordial online and don't try to do the internet drama aspect of the thing."

Okay, so it's not the most eloquent statement when typed out rather than listened to, but on a couple of occasions in the last six months, Wes has let a few rather mature emotional responses out rather than just bullshitting around (as he has done in far too many Deadpit podcasts and YouTube videos).

I'll be blunt about this, I'm not a fan of Deadpit. Some of their shows were really good when they first started and still, whenever they do a celebrity interview, it's always worth a listen, but the community of geeky fans which they have acquired has really left a lot to be desired, and most of them have damaged the integrity of their show, forums and everything else in what they refer to as the "Deadpit Universe". Only 40 or so people still post anything on their message board, and there isn't a single one of them now who I would even have the patience to respond to. All the big names who used to post there have moved on to other more interesting things, and it's completely understandable.

I'm not going to be hypocritical enough to say that I didn't thoroughly enjoy trolling their ProBoards forum from time to time just to stir things up, although I'm far from being the Nemesis that they were hoping for. Most of the time I thought I was just being hilariously funny, but as I've sometimes discovered in real life too, my particular brand of British humour doesn't translate too well overseas. As both Deadpit hosts have learned, their own mouths have been their undoing on several occasions where they've almost been sued, and they've alienated a lot more people over the years than they should have still listening to their show. But, hey, it's their podcast so they can do what they want, and I'm sure somebody will still listen to it.

Some of the changes they've made have improved the show including getting rid of all the self-promoters who abused the call-in portion, and, in this latest show, Wes revealed that they've finally had enough of all the pointless home-made horror movies which far too many people have been attempting to find distribution for.

I haven't listened to Deadpit for ages. In fact, there was one year where the content was so lousy and non-horror movie related that I was just waiting for them to give up entirely. I even awarded them the title of the "Worst Horror Podcast of 2009" as a result.

The addition of Aaron Frye's fiancée, "Jessco", reading the mailbag section is a new mistake due to her inexperience and obvious lack of horror movie knowledge, but at least, they've started to get back into discussing horror again. I think this was the first show that I've listened to this year, and it comes before a rare hiatus for them which is apparently due to the dearth of new movies of any kind worth talking about.

Anyway, since we are all in the same boat with a lack of anything much to talk about until the "Fright Night" remake, I thought Deadpit was something worth mentioning on my blog. I suppose it's only fair since I was once on their "Horror Roundtable" (where, frustratingly, none of the others seemed to know the difference between a cliché and a trope) and I still get the occasional mention on their forum (although never in a good way).

I'm never going to be friends with those guys again because, from my side of all the internet drama and feuding, I felt completely backstabbed by them on far too many occasions to ever want to associate with them in future with anything more than a casual nod to their existence. I don't wish them any ill will either because the bottom line is that we are all human, all horror fans, and all just getting on with what we enjoy most. All the internet dramas and feuds are, as Wes said, really put into perspective when someone dies.

Life is short and for some people, such as Don Muggins (not his real name), it's far too short. We've all been through various tragedies and upheavals in our lives, but I think, because of the nature of the internet, we often forget that there are other people on the other side of the screen. Sometimes it's worth just stopping for a moment to remember that all the horror fans and the celebrities are mortal too.

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