April 19, 2011

Nebular the Liar - Your 5 seconds of fame!

For anyone who read my previous post about some idiot called Nebular (or should that be "NebuLIAR"?) from a pathetic little blog called CineMarvellous then be aware that he's trying to start a blog war with me. Most uncool.

He's even gone so far as to post a warning to other bloggers about me. Hahahaha. What an idiot! Talk about overuse of the ad hominem!!! Yeah, I'm bad to the bone, baby. Watch out for mean old Dr Blood! He'll probably touch you inappropriately while you sleep albeit through your internet connection! Muhahahaha! :D

Guess what? Nobody cares and the blog war that he wants so badly isn't going to happen. It's not even as if anyone reads his blog full of one paragraph reviews anyway. The truly sad part is that his flaming of me is the longest and most interesting thing that he's ever written! Of course, it has to be interesting since it's about me and I'm apparently such an egomaniac. :D

It's certainly better than the harassing comments he left on one of my reviews such as:
"Like I care, dumbass. I've never been interested in your tasteless blog anyway. Your reviews are always hollow and full of cliches, but hey what could I expect from a moron like you, who's opinion depends on critic's feedback. Piss off, loser."

You should see all the childish insults and threats he's posted now such as, "Let's beat the crap out of this idiot!" which I assume refers to me since it's not at all obvious from his comment who the real idiot is. Does he not realise that making threats on the internet to attack someone physically is a crime? And what's all this over? Because I DISAGREED with a movie review? A movie review, I hasten to add, that wasn't even written by him! To say that he's retarded is an insult to retards.

The same thing happened to me last year with some Austrian guy called Maynard Morrissey who took great exception to my reviews of "A L'interieur" and "Calvaire" and wrote under one of them, "You, sir, are an idiot!". Why do these people get off by thinking that they can hide behind their computers and be so blatantly rude to other bloggers? Then to lie about it afterwards? Jesus wept! With hindsight, I didn't actually realise at the time that Maynard was Austrian, has poor English skills, and was probably just joking around. His arrogance and complete disregard for another person's humanity, however, put me in mind of a far more famous Austrian.

The best thing to come out of this is that NebuLIAR's comments section has provided me with the names of half a dozen worthless bloggers whose sites I will never follow now. If you read it then you'll know who to block too. You certainly don't want any drama from this clique of disturbed individuals on your own blog, do you?

I still stand by what I said about that crappy remake "Let Me In" which I posted under Porkhead's review of it:
But it IS dumbed down. Eli was a castrato, Abby is just a girl who is now a vampire so the whole "I'm not a girl" thing is made simpler and the relationship to the "non-father" paedophile makes even less sense. Also "Let Me In" just has stereotypical American high school bullies, amped-up gore to please the masses, Abby is now a jerky CGI monkey vampire, and the swimming pool scene is much weaker. But, yes, the only thing that needed to be changed was the cat scene, i.e. it needed to be done better not left out entirely.

So for having an opinion (based on an objective comparison of "Let the Right One In" and its inferior remake), I got told by NebuLIAR, "Dr Blood, you know what? Everything you say is bullshit."

So what? Who cares? I certainly don't especially when it comes to the opinion of someone who loves every film that they watch regardless of whether it's actually any good or not. The word "bullshit" equates to "lies" in my mind. Basically, he straight out called me a liar. Bad form, old boy, especially when I'm known for being one of the most honest movie reviewers you will ever encounter.

All he's done is increase the number of page views to my little website by a couple of dozen. Like I said, nobody cares or really reads his blog (or mine for that matter) in the first place. They only comment on his posts because he's a sycophant who will leave them a sugary comment back. By even posting his blog he's made himself out to be an even bigger fool than he was before. It's all about page views, baby, not the number of Google Followers you have. Oh, he makes me laugh so much. :D

I follow about 600 blogs (not 1700 like NebuLIAR suggests) because I want to read what the writers have to say. I couldn't care less if they follow me back or not. Sometimes I quit following them because they've let their blog wither away and die but I have a huge number of "ghost sites" (i.e. dead 'uns) that are still on my reading list in case the owners ever return.

As for me being constantly negative with my own reviews, hmmmm, I think at least 90% of the last dozen reviews that I've written have been pretty damned positive. They have to be since I'm working my way back through my "Video Vault" of films which I recommend in the first place. Obviously, NebuLIAR, was never a true reader of my blog at all. He skimmed it for what he wanted to see and made up his own deranged mind that I was just a "hater" in the process.

Does this jealous troll think that I have no life outside of the internet? I hate to break it to you but I do and you are never going to know about it. Blogging is only a VERY small part of my social life. It's supposed to just be a bit of fun but when something like this comes up, it really makes me want to give up entirely. No, I'm lying too now. I'm NEVER going to give up blogging based on the ramblings of some geeky fanboy loser with bipolar disorder.

Anyway, it's given me something to write about. I hope it amused you as much as it did me. :)

The troll strikes back! :D

What a whack job! Yawn! Same old jealous blah blah blah. Bored now.

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