March 18, 2011

A Perfect Getaway (2009)

"Two pairs of lovers on a Hawaiian vacation discover that psychopaths are stalking and murdering tourists on the islands."

Winter has finally ended, the snow has all gone and, full of the joys of Spring, I watched "A Perfect Getaway" for the first time last night. I meant to watch it when it was released a couple of years ago but just never got round to it. I'm glad that I waited though because the director's cut is far superior to the theatrical version which is also on the same DVD.

The only unfortunate thing about "A Perfect Getaway" is that I can hardly tell you anything about it without spoiling it for you. Such is the nature of thrillers with twist endings. You really need to watch it cold and without reading any reviews whatsoever.

What I can reveal to you is that it had a completely unpredictable plot. I didn't see the twist coming at all especially as I was so caught up with seeing Milla Jovovich actually acting for once rather than just dressing up and looking moody like she does in the "Resident Evil" movies.

"A Perfect Getaway" also had great cinematography which really made me feel like I was on holiday in Hawaii even though a lot of it wasn't actually filmed there. It seems that it was mostly filmed in Puerto Rico but I don't care because the scenery was fantastic. One scene in particular really was like the garden of Eden should you ever try to imagine it even if Kiele Sanchez (from "The Glades") didn't get quite nude enough to be Eve.

Everyone involved was (for lack of a better word) perfect in their roles though many were cast against type, Steve Zahn and Timothy Olyphant in particular. The characterisation was good, the dialogue was witty and the script was very clever.

David Twohy has always been one of my favourite writers/directors and again he delivered the goods. Ok, so his "Chronicles of Riddick" may not be exactly brilliant and I got a bit bored with "The Arrival", but that's only because I'm a horror fan and not so much into sci-fi. I still watched them.

Anyway, I thoroughly enjoyed everything about "A Perfect Getaway". I don't care what the haters on the IMDb say about it. Obviously there were a few moments which were derivative and homaged other films, but, as far as I'm concerned, it was outstanding!

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