March 12, 2006

An interview with Pamela Sutch

Pamela Sutch is not only a former scream queen but is the owner of Siren Tales Productions, a New Jersey based B-movie production company of sci-fi, martial arts, horror, comedy and sexy damsels in distress.

In March 2006, Pamela kindly agreed to answer a few questions for me, proving that her beauty is not only skin deep. Here's what she had to say...

How did you first become involved with B-movies?
I fell into it years ago when I was consistently auditioning for many projects.

What is the status of your current projects?
If you check out the website, you can see that I have a number of new releases. The next to be released will be the third of the John Bradley series called "Crooked Politics". Also, my transformation movies sell very well and there could be a third to those as well. So, I'm most busy with my own production business then other indie projects. I think this takes me where I want to go, or am suppose to be going. I'm not in all of the Siren Tales movies but you can see me in "Transformed" and "Operation Storm Cloud". Also, Swamp Zombies, from Killer Wolf films, has been picked up by Brain Damage and will be released soon in the video stores.

Do you think that there is still a market for low-budget films?
I think there is probably more of a market now because technology has made it easier to create something of quality. But it's still hard, of course, and you have to find your niche and make logical choices of what will work best for you. It's an expensive career and I need to make sure I come out ahead after all the work is done.

Do you have any aspirations to be an actor in a major motion picture? Or would you rather be in a band?
A band, where did that come from? Oh, maybe from my myspace profile. I do love to sing. I'm more of a filmmaker these days then an actress but I'm always open to acting opportunities.

What would be your ideal role? Or your worst one?
I have many years of martial arts training and have just recently been using it in movies. I hope to create more roles like these in my movies and would like other indie companies to offer me these parts. The worst one?? There wouldn't be a worst, I just wouldn't do it.

What would be your ideal shoot?
An ideal shoot for me at this point would be where I would only have to concentrate on the acting and not a million other things at the same time. I guess that only happens when I work for others.

What has been your funniest moment on set?
I was performing a fight scene in my Transformed movie and got punched in the face by accident. It's on the out-takes and is pretty funny. People that don't like me will enjoy that!

Do you like to break rules or are you a good girl?
I'm a good girl but will not be pushed around by anyone. The older I get the more I become a leader figure.

What is your favourite movie?
One is an Italian, foreign movie, "Life is Beautiful".

What advice would you give an aspiring actress/actor?
Don't count on making a living on it until you are way ahead of the game. Have the backup plan or expand your skills within the production area too.

What do you like to do most when not making films?
Singing, bike riding, swimming, walks, house projects, hiking... I don't do enough of any of these things.

What is your favourite outfit?
My pajamas.

You only look about 20 years old. What is your secret?

I think that's pushing it quite a bit. Come on, I look at least 22. (lol) Exercise is my number one secret. I haven't missed a week of exercise since I was five. Or maybe even one, because crawling is a good workout. I still crawl from time to time. Also, I think a varied diet, I'll eat anything. And no smoking or heavy partying.

What is your favourite brand of make-up?
Drugstore makeup. It's cheap. Revlon.

Do you have a favourite perfume?
I do like "Beautiful" by Estee Lauder. Feel free to send some to Siren Tales, PO box 32, East Rutherford, NJ, 07073.

If you could be anyone famous, from any time period, past or present, who would you want to be?
Michael Jackson... Ok, just kidding. Maybe Whitney... hmmm... nooo... Mariah? ...neh... Paris Hilton... pass... Kelly Clarkson, she still has a good rep. Or maybe my cat. She's famous, she stars in the Siren Tales movie "Catastrophy".

If you were a South Park character who would it be?
Kenny, because he always comes back to life.

If you were stranded on the moon which three things would you like to have with you?
Hopefully a big tank full of air. A big furry coat and cell phone so someone can come and pick me up.

Do you eat a lot of cake?
I do eat a lot of cake. And ice cream too. (Separately) But I won't be with a man that has to have his cake and ice cream too.

Do fans say weird things to you?
No, unless they're dumb. Somehow I think I chased the dumb ones away. Must be a vibe I have.

How many hours do you spend on the internet each day?
A lot, I'm a full time editor so in between that, I'm a constant mail checker.

You have a great smile. Do you like dentists?
Yes, I don't think it hurts. Not after the shot. And after a cleaning you have that nice fresh feeling.

If you were to be given a million dollars right now, what would be the first thing you'd do?
Go on a long needed vacation. But to tell you the truth a million dollars can't really get you that much these days.

How many cheesy poofs can you get into your mouth in one go?
What's a cheesy poof? Can I get them at Wawa. Probably 16.

Thank you.

Please check out her website at to find out even more about this B-movie producing beauty.

All pictures of Pamela on this page are copyrighted to Siren Tales Productions and are used here with permission. (Date of interview: Saturday, 12th March, 2006)

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