July 17, 2004

Leeches (2003)

"Common-type aquatic leeches grow to large size after feeding on steroid-laced blood of a number of college endurance swimmers, and then the nasty creatures lay siege to the entire campus for more."

I think I've now seen the second worst horror movie of all time. I can't say it is the worst because I really have seen a more badly made film than this but if I hadn't then this would definitely take first place.

The leeches are just big rubber things with someone's hand up them and most of the camerawork involves following the contours of semi-naked boys who are about to get a face full of leech.

It's really, really bad. It isn't even particularly homoerotic. It's just a stupid, pointless waste of videotape. It's just a throwaway story, a crap script, dubious acting... no, you can't even call it acting... and really lousy effects. The whole thing is so badly done that I'm surprised that it got released at all.

In fact, it was so bad that I didn't even watch it to the end. I usually try to watch all of them to the end even if they are as bad as something like "Raptor" or "Carnosaur" but this didn't even have anything unintentionally funny to keep me interested. After watching about 5 similar scenes of big rubber leeches sliding up the body of a speedo wearing youth and then sucking on the kid's face amidst screaming, I just gave up!

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