July 2, 2000

The Haunting of Morella (1990)

"A witch is put to death in Colonial America, leaving her husband and infant daughter behind. Seventeen years later, the daughter has grown up and stands to inherit money set up by her mother's family. Now that the stage is set, the mother wants to return to life by taking over her daughter's body."

You have probably already guessed that I've been watching a lot of these B movies recently. I was hoping that, as this one was made in 1990 before the handycam generation took over, it might actually be quite a good one. As a bit of an Edgar Allan Poe fan, I was also hoping that it might be a faithful adaptation. Alas I was wrong on both counts.

Roger Corman is not a name I associate with any kind of quality horror movie and I was not overly disappointed in that assessment. I was just disappointed with everything else! Yes, once again, all there is to sell this movie is the fact that it contains lots of naked women.

The story (for those who haven't read Poe) is about a witch who was put to death in Colonial America and then, 17 years later, when her daughter is all grown up and stands to inherit a fortune, she tries to take over her body.

Well, it's not very well done. Apart from the nudie scenes there isn't anything to hold your interest. And, since I've been informed that Nicole Eggert uses a body double, I feel even more disappointed!

Even David McCallum, the "Man From Uncle", can't save this one. He probably should have stayed as the "Invisible Man" because I'm sure he would want to disappear after being in this travesty.

It's not Edgar Allan Poe by any stretch of the imagination, isn't scary in any way, has terrible acting, a throwaway script, and is just plain bad. Avoid!

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