July 16, 2000

Don't Look in the Basement (1973)

(AKA The Forgotten)

"A nurse goes to work in a mental asylum where all the patients are allowed to act out their fantasies and eventually run riot and kill each other."

Ironically this film is also known as "The Forgotten" and it damn well should be!

It's poor on every level. Lousy acting, bad camerawork with washed out colours, really bad sound, an interesting story ruined by inept characterisation and writing, and no scares or gore worth mentioning. I was hoping for there to be something really scary in the basement but it didn't play a very big part at all.

I got really fed up two or three times as it all just seemed to be about screaming and running and more screaming.

For some poor deluded souls, this is a cult horror classic. I expect they continue to watch it through the rose-tinted glasses that were obviously provided for them when this first screened at drive-ins in the US in the early 70s.

This was a free DVD giveaway with The Sun newspaper a few years ago but there are various versions out there ranging from poor Mill Creek transfers to standalone remastered and uncut DVDs. Supposedly there is even going to be a remake eventually but I really hope it doesn't happen.

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