September 26, 2007

Resident Evil: Extinction (2007)

This was much better than the previous "Resident Evil" films and was infinitely superior to playing any of the overly long console games that inspired it.

Now it may be that I just like watching Milla Jovovich even in films where she doesn't do anything much except look good. This time though she really gets into the action and more than makes up for the disappointment of "Ultraviolet". You also get to see quite a lot of her but, unfortunately, not nearly enough to really count as nudity.

The special effects in this were a mix of practical and CGI but they worked well together and the zombies were genuinely nasty to look at. These zombies are a lot quicker over the ground than Romero's lurchers but there are many obvious comparisons with "Day of the Dead" that can be made from the storyline.

Characterisation was also very good and there were moments of heroism along the way which really have you siding with the ragtag convoy of survivors.

The action sequences were few but they were all very well done. Some of them even reached the levels of genuine excitement that you would expect from a decent zombie film rather than just another computer game adaptation.

I'd give it 5 out of 10. I enjoyed it but it hasn't converted me to liking the "Resident Evil" franchise. Ignore the "R" rating. Until these films start getting made for adults, rather than for little kids, they will still only ever rate as average.

And, yes, there will be another one. The "ending" makes sure of that!

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