December 21, 2007

National Treasure 2 (2007)

(AKA National Treasure: Book of Secrets)

Not as good as the first one and now without the Davinci Code hype which caused it to be so popular in the first place. The whole thing was as insipid as the Tomb Raider films but without anybody attractive to look at. Not even Diane Kruger was worthwhile.

The action sequences are messy and not at all exciting and the puzzles which the team figure out are even more contrived than something Dan Brown would come up.

A couple of on-location scenes set in France and London amused me for their sheer incompetence. Police with guns in the UK? Not likely even in Buck House is it really? The everso friendly French gendarmes in Paris were hardly stereotypical either... although rumour has it that there are one or two helpful ones out in the French countryside.

Is this a little kid's film? I've got an idea it is and that I probably shouldn't have watched it in the first place. It sucks.

No, really, it more than sucks. This was one of the most unpleasant films that I have ever endured. The plot is virtually identical to the first one except this time, Ed Harris is the bad guy who tries to make good at the end with the third self-sacrifice ending that I've seen in as many days.

Jon Voight and Helen Mirren take part in a very annoying subplot as Ben Gates' parents which doesn't quite work as they are probably the same age as Nicholas Cage.

Just watch paint dry instead.

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