April 25, 2008

Inside (2006)

When I went in search of "Inside" to rent, I actually ended up with the wrong thing first of all. Obviously this one wasn't in French nor did it feature pregnant bellies anywhere. For some reason the video stores round here have replaced the copies of "À l'interieur" with this one. Wal-mart have also withdrawn the latter due to complaints (probably from other people saying it was crap rather than any other form of disgust at the contents).

But, anyway, I enjoyed this version of "Inside". It was sort of a teenage version of Misery and Cheryl White played a real psycho-bitch-mother from hell. I really can't tell you any more without spoiling it for you because it's a very simple plot which deals with bereavement, guilt and insanity but in a slightly different way to usual.

All the acting was really good, it was shot well and the story kept me interested right up until the end. There was even some blood in it.

It's probably only another 5 out of 10 but it's very much in the same vein as all the only slow paced quirky indies out there. If you liked "The Invisible" or "Teeth", I think you'd all enjoy this one too.

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