December 15, 2007

I Am Legend (2007)

When I had the choice recently to see this or "The Golden Compass" I chose the latter because I just knew this would suck with a PG-13 rating. I thought I might as well at least watch a real kids' film rather than another kiddified non-horror vampire/zombie movie.

Alas I finally did watch this pile of crap as well though. It wasn't just bad compared to the two previous versions of the same story but was particularly crap in its own right. Even "The Omega Man" is better than this tedious mess!

Will Smith was okay in it but everything was very below average. There were too many pointless flashbacks and not enough action to keep anyone with more than one brain cell entertained for very long.

As a slightly zombified version of "Cast Away" it was equally as dull. Mercifully it was all soon over even if the pacing of the movie was so slow that it felt like I'd been watching it for a week by the time it ended.

It's one to avoid. Watch "The Last Man on Earth" version instead.

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