October 26, 2005

Heroine of Hell (1996)

"Catherine Keener (Being John Malkovich, Capote) plays an emotionally distraught artist who specialises in creating hellish paintings. When she discovers her lover has left her for someone else, she steals his car and, while driving, discovers a man burning in a car. She feels compelled to paint in order to find the truth. Magdas quest uncovers an unexpected world of greed, adultery and possibly murder."

There is no way that this could ever be described as a horror film in spite of being shown on Zone Horror. All it is about is some skanky looking painter with the artistic ability of a 7 year old getting involved in a murder plot involving the old guy she's having an affair with and his wife.
Of course the twist is that she ends up taking the wife's side but it's all talk and nothing happens at all.

It even has one of those crappy after sex "pillow talk" moments where they have an L-shaped sheet that covers the girl up to the neck and the man up to the waist! There's no sex in it anyway which is a relief because I wouldn't want to see any of the actors involved doing the nasty.
Yup, another 0 out of 10.

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