September 3, 2007

Halloween (2007)

Another absolutely awful remake which will be in the DVD bargain bins in three month's time or for sale with Rob Zombie's previous crappy horror films just to get rid of them.

Not as bad as some of the sequels to the original Halloween, and Sheri Moon can actually act a bit in this one, but it was obviously more than Rob Zombie could handle.

The dialogue and script was appalling. It should have been two separate films and even then both would have sucked. The "prequel" was just overlong and boring.

The "remake" part, on the other hand, was rushed and lacked atmosphere, characterisation, acting ability and, more suprisingly, imaginative gore. I expected it to be far nastier. Effects were only average and the camerawork was very amateur throughout.

Michael Myers has been totally emasculated as the boogeyman now and this film has killed the "Halloween" franchise completely. The only scary thing was that it took 17 million dollars to make this rubbish.

Nobody can replace Donald Pleasence as Dr Loomis either. Malcolm McDowell was just on the wrong side of laughable with some of the worst lines in horror movie history. Well, at least we won't see him again.

Just stick to the original John Carpenter version.

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