October 23, 2006

Dr. Chopper (2005)

"Five young friends head out to the country for a weekend at the family cabin and run afoul of a group of motorcycle riding madwomen led by the sadistic, knife-wielding plastic surgeon Dr. Fielding."

When will the people that write plot outlines on the IMDb ever learn to actually watch the films first? For a start, it's only the doctor who rides a motorcycle and he hardly has a "group" of madwomen since they only number two. Well, I think you all know by now never to trust the IMDb anyway which is presumably why you read my blogs instead.

If I didn't watch so many bad movies, I would probably say that this was the worst one I'd ever seen. It isn't quite the worst, but it's certainly in my "Top 10 Shitty Movies" list now.

It could have been good. It had zombies, a lesbian snogging scene, some college girls being "hazed" and running round in their bras, and even some real nudity on occasion. It wasn't as gory as it could have been though, death scenes were laughably bad, and to say the acting was inconsistent would be more than an understatement.

Also, from what I could tell, only one person in the film could actually act. Chelsey Crisp, who played the leading blonde girl Jessica, was quite competent in her role even though she also had some of the cheesiest lines to deliver ("I want you to meet someone... my inner bitch!" being only one of them). If you want to see a complete "non actor" just look at her onscreen boyfriend Nick (played by Robert Adamson). No wonder he's ended up in some kind of little kid's TV show now.

Anyway, "Dr. Chopper" was yet another lacklustre B movie which should vanish into obscurity. I'll give it 1 out of 10 but only because Dr. Chopper looks like Scorpius from "Farscape" and he used to scare the piss out of me.

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