January 1, 2006

Demon House (1989)

(AKA Night of the Demons III)

"On Halloween night, after their car breaks down, a pair of teenage girls hitch a ride with a group of misfits from their high school. However, on the way an accident leads them to believe they shot a police officer, so they decide to stop at an abandoned mortuary to hide think out a solution, and engage in hedonistic activities. Problem is, the place IS inhabited... by Angela, the demon of the previous installments. Soon everyone is turning against each other as Angela kills them, deceives them, or transforms them into demons."

This was almost the worst one I watched this weekend. I can't say it was the worst film I have ever watched but it was pretty bad. The acting was terrible, the "scary bits" weren't scary, the effects were very basic and the script was awful.

It did have lots of nudie bits though and Amelia Kinkade did a great job sucking bullets out of a pistol. It wasn't very sexy though and certainly wasn't up to the standard of the previous two "Night of the Demons" films (and they were quite bad too!).

I'd avoid this one if I was you. I'll give it 0.5 out of 10 for having the balls to use those crappy rubber masks for the demons.

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