Bloody Bs

This is the section for all those crappy handycam movies which crop up every so often. Other sites refer to them as independents or "indies" as if that somehow qualifies them to be thought of as real movies and not as the Emperor's new clothes.

I don't like reviewing them because the people who send them to me often get very offended by what I have to say about their masterpieces. If I can make it through the DVD screeners in the first place then I'll list them here. :)

Dark Reel
Gore Orphanage
Live-In Fear
Pink Eye

Sometimes I hire (or even buy) one of these films by accident thinking that it might be a "real movie" because of the cover art or intriguing title. It doesn't happen often but here are the ones I've seen:

Dead Birds
Sick Girl
Witchcraft 13: Blood of the Chosen

I've also reviewed all the horror movies that I've watched on Zone Horror (back in the UK) whether they were actually handycam movies or not. :)

Alien Incursion
Battle Royale II
The Beast of Bray Road
Beyond Re-Animator
Bikini Party Massacre
Blood of Beasts
The Brink
Carnosaur 3
Dark Wolf
Dead and Dying
Dead Creatures
Death Factory
Death Valley
Demon Hunter
The Devil's Nightmare
The Doorway
Dr. Chopper
Frostbiter: Wrath of the Wendigo
Ghost Game
The Great American Snuff Film
The Greenskeeper
The Halfway House
The Haunting of Morella
The Hamiltons
Hell Hath No Fury
Heroine of Hell
Hide and Go Shriek
House of Blood
Ice Cream Man
The Invisible Maniac
Jacqueline Hyde
Knocking on Death's Door
The Legend of Lucy Keyes
Long Distance
Lovers Lane
Mustang Sally's Horror House
Night Shadow
Night Skies
Nightmare Concert
One Step Closer
The Paperboy
Raving Maniacs
Scarecrow Gone Wild
Scorpius Gigantus
Season of the Hunted
Slaughter Studios
Sleepaway Camp II
Sleepaway Camp III
Slumber Party Massacre
Sorority House Massacre II
Son of Darkness: To Die For II
Strange Things Happen at Sundown
To Sleep With a Vampire
The Tooth Fairy
The Willies
Witchboard III

Then there are The Asylum movies:

The Haunting of Whaley House
Mega Python vs. Gatoroid
When a Killer Calls

And from the highly censored and over sanitised Chiller channel on American TV:

Dead Souls
Grizzly Park
The Monkey's Paw

That's it for this section. No life is long enough to watch any more of these. If you are a filmmaker thinking of making yet another straight-to-DVD abomination, DON'T!