March 2, 2014

The Top Ten Horror Blogs You Should Be Reading

...instead of mine. :)

Okay, so you should still be reading my blog, of course, even though it isn't that great, but as I've decided to extend my reviewing hiatus until after Hallowe'en, you may want to subscribe to better blogs than mine until I return.

These are the blogs I read regularly. They probably don't realise it because I don't use the GFC thingummy anymore (and I hardly ever leave them any comments), but I drift their way several times a week to see what's new all the same.

1. The Horror Club -

2. Raculfright_13's Blogo Trasho -

3. Horror Movies and Beer! -

4. From the Mind of Tatlock -

5. Pickled Cinema -

6. Left Field Films -

7. DirtyGirl's Little Blog of Horror -

8. Italian Film Review -

9. Stabford Deathrage Shoots His Mouth Off -

10. Film Plop -

[Mr Plop has no header logo, but he has the kind of minimalist blog I wish I'd written.]

Laters, gators!

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