October 3, 2013

I joined Full Moon Streaming!

I finally did it! After a lot of debate about whether or not Full Moon's new streaming service would be of any benefit to me, I took the plunge and signed up last night. I'm glad I did too because, as a subscriber to their previous Grindhouse Flix (which has now been retired and amalgamated with Full Moon Streaming), I got a massive discount on my initial 3 month membership.

I know my haters (and by haters, I really mean one jealous attention-seeker who shall remain nameless for now) think that I'm some kind of shill who gets lots of kickbacks and freebies from the movie industry, but I'm not. I've never asked anybody for anything, and I never promote anything on my blog which I haven't payed for and enjoyed. Suffice it to say that I had a great time enjoying my latest purchase until the early hours of this morning watching the Empire/Full Moon movies which I don't have on DVD yet. Eventually tiredness overcame me, but I got through quite a few.

Highlights of my first night with Full Moon Streaming included "Dangerous Worry Dolls" (2008), "Shrunken Heads" (1994), "The Evil Clergyman", and "Trancers: City of Lost Angels". The latter is quite short as it was originally meant to be part of a trilogy rather than a standalone movie, but I'm a huge Jack Deth fan and was very pleased to see it after all these years.

Because I moved to America nearly 6 years ago, I had to leave a lot of my things behind. Some of the casualties were my Full Moon VHS tapes which I've been trying to rebuy on DVD. Sadly, the lesser known titles aren't on DVD yet and probably never will be, so Full Moon Streaming makes up for it. Unlike Netflix, Full Moon Streaming works on Ubuntu too!

Always the innovator, Charles Band is putting the new Full Moon movies on this service first, which is another bonus. New releases will appear every Friday, and on October 29th, "Gingerdead Man vs. Evil Bong" will make its debut. In addition, there are all the Grindhouse Flix movies, Vidcasts, competitions, and "Hot Chick of the Week" features.

Even though I'm a hardcore horror fan, sometimes I just like to chillax with a fun Full Moon movie. They aren't exactly Oscar winners, but some of the performances are a lot better than you might expect, and the stories are always entertaining. I haven't reviewed many of them on this blog, so next month, I will be reviewing everything from Empire International Pictures through to the new Full Moon Features. That's if I can pry myself away from Full Moon Streaming for long enough to do so.

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