August 5, 2013

My first auction wins on Listia!

Yeah, you knew it would happen. I joined Listia to get rid of stuff and ended up getting more. I can't help it, I have a DVD collecting mental illness or something.

Anyway, my first wins arrived this morning. As you can see, I have another Echo Bridge Home Entertainment multipack of crap to review at a later date (probably next week) and a PD Laurel and Hardy film without its original case.

Here we go again!

I've already seen "Memory" (2006) and "Darkness" (2002), but I haven't seen the other four yet. That's four horror movies which I've never heard of for absolutely nothing, so where the risk? One of them might even be good.

The pack is still sealed, so it's just like having a new one. If it hadn't been offered on Listia, I probably wouldn't have gone out of my way to buy it at Kmart or anything though.

WTF is up with those fonts? Why is "THE" so different?

The second DVD obviously isn't horror. "The Flying Deuces" (1939) is now the first Laurel and Hardy movie which I've ever owned a physical copy of. I really want the "Ultimate Collection" which I've seen in Sam's Club, but it's never likely to happen because I'm poor. I don't care who knows it, I own practically nothing but DVDs, two ex-shelter cats, and four jars of toenail clippings. Woe is me!

As somebody with no sense of humour, Laurel and Hardy movies are the only things which I find funny. I have no explanation for why that is other than because they are just so perfectly timed. Maybe it's because Stan Laurel was English? I dunno.

I've already seen "The Flying Deuces" dozens of times, and it's not my favourite, but it'll have to do for now. It's actually a remake of their "Beau Hunks" short from 1931, and to be honest, I prefer the earlier version. I'm not going to review it anyway.

If you want some free stuff, click the banner below to join Listia. I will be putting some of my unwanted DVDs on there eventually, but there are thousands of DVDs on there already.

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