March 3, 2013

Dr Blood's Video Vault is resting

If you read this blog regularly then you may have noticed things slowing down quite considerably over the last couple of months. There are two reasons for this: There aren't any new horror films worth writing about, and I've lost interest in rewatching older horror films. You could say that I've lost my horror mojo.

Thus, I think now is a good time to take an indefinite break. There won't be anything in the cinemas until the "Evil Dead" remake (which I'm not all that bothered about seeing), and people just aren't reading or writing horror blogs right now anyway. I doubt that the remaining few horror bloggers will last much longer if they keep going back over the same old ground because, quite frankly, they are boring everyone to death too.

Yeah, horror bloggers, we get it. You don't like the remakes, you think practical effects are better than CGI, and you're all stuck in the '80s trying to relive the childhoods that you wish you'd had through yakking about the same old slasher films and their clones until you have nothing else to say. Sorry, guys, but I was never a willing passenger on your nostalgia trips. I'm not American so I don't buy into your hobby horror filmmakers. I prefer extreme horror and the supernatural to your horror-comedies, slashers and zombie films, and if I want to perv over boobs, I'll just Google some real porn. You all need to stop collecting little dollies of Bruce Campbell, tatty old posters, or illegible $25 scribbles from conventions, and move out of your parents' basements. I have nothing in common with any of you, and I don't really like you that much either. I never have.

I might get tempted to do more work on my abandoned "The Pit and the Pendulum" project, and I will undoubtedly still find more to add to "The Horror Cats" eventually, but I feel that I've done enough already. For now, "Dr Blood's Video Vault" is resting. I need to leave the internet alone as much as possible because I've already wasted too much of my life poncing about with horror films meant for teenagers as it is.

It's 2013. Things aren't like they were in 2006 when everybody in horror got to know each other through MySpace and it was all such a novelty. Thanks to Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, the divide between fans and their idols is now paper thin. You can message anybody who has something to sell and get an answer instantly no matter who you are. The magic has completely gone out of show business and "celebrity" unless you are an easily impressed twelve-year-old. For those of us who were already in the know, there was never anything there but smoke and mirrors (and bullshit) to begin with.

This is not the end of me, Dr Blood, or my web shenanigans. But whether or not I'll ever want to reclaim my place among the most prolific horror bloggers will remain to be seen. It's very unlikely. I may even invent a new web persona and start writing about something completely different. Stranger things have happened.

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