February 27, 2013

My Top Ten Women in Horror

Aren't you all glad that another "Women in Horror Month" has come to an end? If you didn't even realise it was happening, I'm not surprised. Either I'm not mixing in the right internet circles or those wannabe actresses and lamest of horror bloggers have lost so many of their big players that they didn't even cause a blip on my radar this year. It's been quite a relief to not have to read about their half-arsed conventions or e-begging schemes every time I log in.

However, I can't really let this month go without putting up my own top ten list of my favourite women in horror. These are the ladies who have done things so right that I now honour them like the pervert I am with some nice pictures.

1. Melissa George

Currently, Melissa George is the "A list" celebrity of all things horror as far as I'm concerned. I will blind buy any movie starring her just because her name is on the DVD sleeve. Her best so far: "The Amityville Horror", "Turistas", "30 Days of Night", and "Triangle".

2. Adrienne Barbeau

Of course, it's mainly because Adrienne Barbeau played sexy Stevie Wayne in "The Fog" that I still like her although let's not forget that she was also in "Creepshow", "Swamp Thing" and "Escape from New York". Really, let's not forget "Swamp Thing"!

3. Katharine Isabelle

Does this choice really need any explanation? Not only is Katharine Isabelle currently hotter than hot as "American Mary" does the rounds, but she'll always be the best reason to watch "Ginger Snaps".

4. Olga Fedori

Olga Fedori hasn't done a lot of horror, but she was fantastic as Lena in "Mum and Dad". She was also Maleva's daughter in "The Wolfman" remake.

5. Ingrid Bolsø Berdal

Yeah, it's all about being Jannicke in the "Cold Prey" (or "Fritt Vilt") movies. Although Ingrid Bolsø Berdal was in "Chernobyl Diaries" and lent her voice to part of "The ABCs of Death", I'm not going to hold either of those against her. She isn't bad in "Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters" either.

6. Belén Rueda

Belén Rueda isn't really known for horror movies outside of "The Orphanage", but she's the hottest MILF in Spanish thrillers right now. Most of us have seen "Julia's Eyes", but "The Body" and "The 7th Floor" should be with us shortly.

7. Monica Keena

I will watch Monica Keena in just about anything. I've even endured "Snow White: A Tale of Terror" and "The Devil's Advocate" because of her. My favourite films of hers so far, however, are "Freddy vs. Jason", "Long Distance", "Left in Darkness" and "Night of the Demons". The latter is my favourite remake of all time.

8. Britt Ekland

We all know her as Willow from "The Wicker Man" for two obvious reasons, but Britt Ekland was also Lucy in the third segment of "Asylum". Aside from being a Bond girl in "The Man with the Golden Gun", her famous horror roles include Busotsky's Mother in "The Monster Club", Ann-Marie in "Satan's Mistress" and Madame Cassandra in "Beverly Hills Vamp". I don't really like to think of those last two movies too much though.

9. Gayle Hunnicutt

I must admit that I like Gayle Hunnicutt in her TV thriller roles more than in her movies, but she's most memorable for the hottest scene in "The Legend of Hell House". Unlike Roddy McDowell, I wouldn't have turned her down whether she was possessed or not! She was also really good in "Voices" which was a half-way house between the stage play and film version of "The Others". I wish "Eye of the Cat" would appear on a legitimate DVD, but it's unlikely now.

10. Agnes Bruckner

Yes, I felt short changed with Agnes Bruckner's five minutes in "The Pact", but one day I'm sure that she'll be in something as big as "The Woods" or "Blood and Chocolate" again. For now, I'll try to forget that "Vacancy 2: The First Cut" ever happened even though she was the best part of it.

My top ten women in horror are always subject to change depending on who I'm in the mood to watch, but at this moment in time, these are the ones who I rate the most highly.

Who are your favourites?

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