February 20, 2013

I've got nothing to write about

This is awful.

I've been going through various subjects to find something to write about, but other than a review of "Beautiful Creatures" which I'm still crafting into an acceptable level of hatred, I have nothing for you right now.

I haven't been completely idle though. I've been watching a lot of documentaries about WW2 on YouTube to fill in my lack of education about when the world was in black and white. Now I at least know who was in league with who, why, and how it all turned out. You can blame the British education system for that little foray into the realms of the History Channel because all I knew beforehand was that the Nazis had really snazzy Hugo Boss uniforms.

Also on YouTube, the levels of mental retardation have reached a new low with hundreds of channels making their own version of the "Harlem Shake" meme. In case you don't know what that is, some gimp dances badly for a few seconds then a quick cut reveals everybody around him dancing like maniacs to the same crappy '80s hiphop. It's funny once. Grudgingly, I suppose the "Harlem Shake" is slightly more entertaining than "planking" or last year's "coning". The latter was, quite frankly, just a shocking waste of ice cream.

The highlight of February has actually been the latest song from Blood On The Dance Floor. I probably shouldn't, but I do like these guys. This song makes a great anthem against my own haters out there.

In other news, it looks like Horror Movie A Day is going to come to an end any day now. He's either had enough or scored a better gig. I have no idea which it is because I don't read that blog regularly. Some people might call it a shame, but I can imagine how liberating it must be not to have to write about crappy horror movies every day just for a gimmick. I'm 99% sure that this will be the last year of "Dr Blood's Video Vault" too since I've grown out of horror.

As a prelude to my own abandonment of the genre, I've been rather quiet on the internet recently. I even gave up on the "real women in horror" series that I was doing due to lack of interest. Just to be an ass, I was eventually going to post some really sexist pictures of scream queens in kitchens or cleaning toilets to finish February off, but I can't be bothered now. The whole "women in horror month" is a ridiculous joke anyway which doesn't fool anybody. The fact that nobody in his or her right mind is ever going to donate to the "WIH" e-begging/Kickstarter projects (or any other nowadays) is a big enough victory for all of us who appreciate real talent both behind and in front of the camera. I'm not going to gloat or kick those girls while they're down. I may need one of them to make me a sandwich one day.

Maybe for the rest of the year, I'll do an occasional series of posts about multi-feature horror DVDs which I still haven't got round to watching. Maybe something will turn up at the cinema which amazes us all again and creates a whole new generation of horror fans who will flock to my blog to find out what was worth watching years ago. I doubt either thing will happen.

If you have an idea for something I can write about, leave me a comment below. I'm up for all kinds of movie related challenges other than comedies, cartoons or Disney.

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