January 19, 2013

MySpace is back! And I love it!

It's not really like it was when it was good 8 years ago, but the new MySpace is potentially awesome! I'm back on it and loving every minute of it!

Although it could do with a few more tweaks, a lot more music, and some kind of help guide to show new people how to use the features, it's a huge step in the right direction. As you can see, I've even got a massive picture of my Willow on there!

If you are one of the cool kids, the new MySpace is like a side-scrolling version of Pinterest or Tumblr but with music instead of pictures. Hopefully, there'll be lots of new videos too if all the artists who already have accounts finally update their profiles. I would love to see MySpace give YouTube a good kick in the balls. I'm sick to death of watching all the mediocre money whores with audiences made up of schoolkids, and mush-mouthed movie reviewers with crazy teeth who tell the plots in their own words or repeat themselves retardedly to fill up their 15 minute vlogs. Most of all, I can't stand adverts on videos.

Will MySpace replace Facebook? Who cares about that crap? Facebook is so 2008. Does anyone still use it except to play games, bitch about their lives or post LOLcats? All I get on there is a load of fairweather followers who get butthurt over the slightest dig at one of their "special films" as if they've made them themselves instead of only buying them on DVD. For social networking, I'm still on Twitter (the world's biggest and most one-sided chatroom), and I've rejoined Vampire Freaks so I can grab the bands I like from there and add their music to my playlists (mixes) on MySpace. Maybe I won't lose my VF account for inactivity again this time.

Since I've been ill, I've lost all interest in horror blogging, and now that I've rediscovered MySpace, I can't really see any way that I'm going to return to regularly writing things on here which nobody apart from trolls, spammers and stalkers ever reads. Something has changed for the worse with the Blogger editor too. It doesn't refresh properly as I'm typing so I have to keep scrolling up and down to see what I've just written. I don't have the patience for it. I'd rather listen to music. Nice, melodic pop music and electronic stuff.

Let's face it, I've only continued to write this blog for the paltry Amazon affiliate sales which have continued to drop to only slightly above nothing. I'm not going to get rich or famous out of being a horror blogger so I might as well just enjoy myself with what the rest of the internet has to offer instead of wasting my time on here. Blogging had its heyday 3 years ago. New bloggers might as well give up before they even begin.

Nobody reads or cares anymore. Blogger is now just a popularity contest where success is rated by the number of avatars in the GFC widget. It's all follow-for-follow even if the person you follow can't write for shit and is, quite frankly, an embarrassment to the blogosphere. I haven't enjoyed blogging or watching horror movies for a very long time. It probably shows. It's taken a while, but I've grown out of both.

Is this the end of "Dr Blood's Video Vault" on Blogger? Maybe. The URL will expire this year, and I've got no great desire to renew it. I'll probably let it go back to the default blogspot address. Unless I see something that I absolutely have to write about such as the new "Mama" movie or the "Evil Dead" remake, then I've got nothing left to tell you. Horror and horror blogging is dead.

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