January 31, 2013

How to make your own Django figure

Can't afford an overpriced NECA Django doll from greedy Amazon sellers? No? I'm not surprised. You'd have to be mental to pay over $300 for a piece of plastic which doesn't even look like Jamie Foxx and will be left to rot in its box. Anyone who is willing to spend $1700 on one should definitely seek medical help. $1700 is absolutely ridiculous!

Instead, why not use an old Palitoy Action Man "Tom Stone" figure (or, preferably, the 1974 GI Joe equivalent with a beard) and dress him up as a cowboy? Yeah, you know it makes sense.

Tom Stone kicks ass!

You will need:

1. A naked Tom Stone. (Note: I keep all my Action Men naked for reasons that you don't need to know about!) If you can't find one, search eBay for "African American GI Joe". You should be able to get one for less than $20 (or under $10 naked).

2. A vintage Action Man (or Geyper Man) Cowboy outfit from eBay. Expect to pay between $15-30 for it. You can also buy the individual items of loose cowboy clothing. Look for a jacket to replace the leather waistcoat with too. I recommend a green army jacket or the secret agent trench coat (slightly trimmed and dyed) to make your Django closer to the film version. His scarf can come from a standard Action Man soldier. Be aware that there's no whip in the Geyper Man pack (it was replaced with a rope and canteen).

3. Optional: An Action Man horse (which is hard to find with all its legs intact!). You don't really need one as the NECA figure doesn't have a horse anyway.


Simply dress your Tom Stone in the cowboy outfit.

I don't have one to show you because I'm thousands of miles away from my toy collection, so you'll just have imagine how he will look based on the picture below.

Eagle-eyed Action Man's head is obviously too big for his hat.

Although detractors will say that Tom Stone looks even less like Jamie Foxx as Django than the NECA Django figure, bear in mind that your Django will actually have a scar on his cheek. If you are a bit artistic, you can use a craft knife to shape it into a lowercase "r" for added authenticity.

Plus—and this is the big selling point—you will even get a whip with it! Oh yes, you can relive that epic scene where Django turns the tables on the bad guy and gives him a damned good thrashing!

Note: I don't know if the blue suit from the Trendmasters Austin Powers doll will fit an Action Man, but you can always try it.

Girls may also like to dress a black Barbie doll up in a maid's outfit to represent Broomhilda. I would illustrate how to do that, but the thought of Kerry Washington in a skimpy French maid's outfit (which is the only one I found on Google images) is something which I'd rather keep in my own sordid imagination.

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