January 2, 2013

A new challenge begins!

Yes, it's the first "Woeful Wednesday" of 2013, so it's time to start another crappy "indie horror" challenge over at "The Pit of the Pendulum".

This month (and a bit), I will be working my way through the companion box set to "Tomb of Terrors" which came in the "Bloody Nightmares" 100 movie pack: "Decrepit Crypt of Nightmares".

If you've never heard of any of the following titles, it's no big deal. Nobody else has ever heard of them either. This is all the amateur junk that's supposed to be so liberating for filmmakers and actors... although you'd be hard pressed to use either of those terms to describe anyone involved.

Before I Die
The Bewitching
Blood Sucking Babes from Burbank
Burning Dead
A Candle in the Dark
Catholic Ghoulgirls
The Crate
The Crawlspace
Dead 7
Dead Body Man
Dead is Dead
The Dead Live
Demon Slaughter
Edgar Allan Poe's Madhouse
Hell's Highway
Hellbound: Book of the Dead
High Desert
Hip Hop Locos
Hollywood Vampyr
I Dream of Dracula
I Hate You
Las Vegas Blood Bath
Mayhem Motel
Nightmare Asylum
Off the Beaten Path
Prehistoric Bimbos in Armageddon City
The River: Legend of La Llorona
Scarlet Fry's Junkfood Horrorfest
Serial Killer
The Shunned House
Suburban Sasquatch
The Summer of the Massacre
Tales of Terror
Terror Toons
This Darkness
Toe Tags
Up For Rent
Vampire Hunter
The Veil
When Heaven Comes Down
The Witching
Zombie Rampage

If you aren't into this crap, I'll still be reviewing movies on "Dr Blood's Video Vault". Keep checking-in because I'm all about the best horror movies here.

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