December 12, 2012

Woeful Wednesday - Update - 41 Horrible Movies!

I'm getting there! I've now watched 41 (soon to be 42) "indie horror movies" from the "Tomb of Terrors" 50 pack and reviewed them on "The Pit of the Pendulum".

The Pit of the Pendulum

If you haven't checked out my latest blog yet then head on over there and start following it because I still have 159 movies left to watch before I may lose the ability to tell a good film from a bad one ever again.

Watching this lot makes me appreciate real movies a whole lot more, I can tell you!

Abberdine County Conjuror
Barely Legal Lesbian Vampires
Blood Legend
Capture the Flag
The Crucifier
The Cutting Room
Death From Beyond
Demon Sex
Devil's Moon
Disk Jockey
Flesh Eating Ghouls from Outer Space
From Venus
Human Behavior
Jim Haggerty's The Slasher
Kill the Scream Queen
Kill Them and Eat Them
The Lunar Pack
The Night Owl
Nightmare Museum
None Left Standing
Rape is a Circle
Reanimator Academy
Redneck County Fever
Revenge of La Llorona
Rose of Death
Season in Hell
Shower of Blood
Siege of Evil
Sleep Disorder
So Mort It Be
The Somnambulists
Todd Sheets' Sorority Babes in the Dance-A-Thon of Death
Soul of the Demon
Strange Things Happen at Sundown
Terror at Baxter U
Three Can Keep a Secret
To Become One
The Traveler
Unborn Sins
The Vulture's Eye
The Woodland Haunting 2

To all those mugs who like to argue the toss about how "innovative", "original" and "groundbreaking" these low-budget independent horror movies are, I laugh at you! Not with you, AT YOU!

Now you know why I never supported this crap in the first place. Even the 10c per "movie" that I paid for the $5 pack (as half of the $9.99 deal when "Bloody Nightmares" was released in 2008) is more than any of them are worth.

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