December 14, 2012

How to turn your DVD player into a Blu-ray player for less than $1

We live in hard times. Many of us can't afford to spend huge amounts of cash on the latest technology, and it sucks to be left behind especially at Christmas. If you are a movie fan, however, owning a Blu-ray player is now pretty much a necessity.

After numerous requests for advice about which Blu-ray player offers the best value, I have decided to give you my easy to follow tutorial for making your own out of your existing hardware. Please note that this will void your warranty.

You will need:

1. A DVD player (preferably with HDMI).

2. A blue marker pen. (The ones you use to write on DVDs are the best.)

3, A screwdriver (depending on the type of DVD player you own).

4. A flashlight (optional).

5. Five minutes of your time.

6. A Blu-ray disc to test the upgraded system with. Horror movies are, of course, the best for this.

Step 1

Open up the DVD tray then switch the DVD player off at the mains.

NOTE: Always make sure the power to any electrical device is disconnected before attempting to modify it. Failure to comply with common sense will result in damage to your equipment and DEATH!

Step 2

Locate the lens of the laser. Usually it is part of the tray, but sometimes it is further inside the player itself. Either way you should be able to reach it with a pen.

You may need to use a flashlight to see inside or, in the worst case scenario, you will possibly have to remove the outer casing of the DVD player using a screwdriver. A Philips/cross-head screwdriver is best for this although a flat-head screwdriver or spoon can be used to prise the case apart if you don't care about cosmetic damage.

Step 3

Remove the lid from your blue marker pen and dab the tip of the pen all over the lens of the laser. This may take several tries as the ink can pull back off or collect in pools.

Step 4

Put the lid back on your marker pen so it doesn't dry up. You might want to use it later to write the word "Blu" on your player over the top of the "DVD" label.

Step 5

Connect your DVD player to the mains, and pop the tray back in. Some DVD players will do this automatically when initialising. (If you've taken your DVD player apart make sure that the case is back on and all the screws tightened before you plug it in otherwise the tiny elves will escape.)

Step 6

Open the tray again using your remote control (or a long stick if you don't have the original remote control anymore).

Step 7

Enter the following universal code using the numeric keys on your remote control: 483823629234982372364923946234923645151214133331181919193893846432828234284682842141234123412342314126456675786211451412645667578621145148382362923498237236492394623492364515121413333118191919389384643282823428468284214123412341234231412645667578621145148382362923498237236492394623492364515121413333118191919389384643282823428468284214123412341234231412645667578621145148382362923498237236492394623492364515121413333118191919389384643282823428468284214123412341234231412645667578621145148382314838236292349823723649239141264566757862114514838236292349823723649239462349236451512141333311819191938938464328282342846828421412341234123423141264566757862114514838236292349823723649239462349236451512141333311819191938938464328282342846828421412341234123423141264566757862114514838236292349823723649239462349236451512141333311819191938938464328282342846828421412341234123423141264566757862114514838234623492364515121413333118191919389384643282823428468284214123412341234231412645667578621145148382362923498237236492394623492364515121413333118191919389384643282823428468284214123412341234231412645667578621145148382362923498237236492394623492364515121413333118191919389384643282823428468284214123412341234231412645667578621145148382362923498237236492394623492364515121413333118191919389384643282823428468284214123412341234231412645667578621145114126456675786211451483823629234982372364923946234923645151214133331181919193893846432828234284682842141234123412342314126456675786211451483823629234982372364923946234923645151214133331181919193893846432828234284682842141234123412342314126456675786211451483823629234982372364923946234923645151214133331181919193893846432828234284682842141234123412342314126456675786211451483823

Step 8

Close the tray and reopen it again five times while saying "Klaatu barada nikto". Try to time each syllable with the tray movements.

Step 9

Insert your newly purchased (rented or borrowed) Blu-ray disc, close the tray, and press "Play".

Step 10

Congratulations! You should now have a fully functional Blu-ray player. If for any reason you don't, simply repeat steps 7 and 8 ten times. Some of the older DVD players are temperamental like that.

Also please be aware that your regular DVDs will no longer play in your upgraded player. To play DVDs, you will need to remove the ink from the lens of the laser using rubbing alcohol and a cotton bud. There is very little reason to do this since everything worth watching is now available on Blu-ray anyway.

I make no claim that this will work for every DVD player or even the one used in the example picture above. If it does and I've saved you some money, please feel free to leave me a donation. The PayPal donation button can be found on the right sidebar of this blog.

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