December 3, 2012

Ghost Stories for Christmas - Part 3

The more recent BBC "Ghost Stories for Christmas" haven't been as good as the originals. Maybe it's a case of rose-tinted spectacles, but they all seem rather soulless in comparison.

A View from a Hill (2005)

"A historian has a disturbing experience after borrowing a pair of binoculars belonging to a missing outcast and venturing up a notorious landmark."

Number 13 (2006)

"An academic researcher repudiates local superstitions surrounding a devilish house. However, repeated visions and noises during the night suggest he may be proved wrong."

The Turn of the Screw (2009)

"A governess, incarcerated in a mental asylum, tells a doctor of the possession of her two pupils by a former governess and her lover."

You'll notice that I haven't mentioned the 1968 version of "Whistle and I'll Come to You" starring Michael Hordern. Although it's included in the new BFI boxset - Ghost Stories for Christmas - The Definitive Collection - "Whistle and I'll Come to You" was a precursor to the BBC's true "Ghost Stories for Christmas" and was really part of the Omnibus series of dramas instead.

It's not worth including "The Haunted Airman" (2006 but re-shown in 2007), "Crooked House" (2008), or "Whistle and I'll Come to You" (2010) because they are all crap.

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