December 2, 2012

Ghost Stories for Christmas - Part 2

More nostalgia from the golden age of British TV horror. Watch them while you can!

As you will see, the quality of these dramas peaked then dropped significantly in later years until the BBC gave up on the idea.

The Signalman (1976)

"A railway signalman tells a curious traveller how he is being troubled by a ghostly spectre that seems to predict calamity."

Stigma (1977)

"After a young couple move into a remote country house in the middle of a stone circle, workmen disturb an ancient menhir, unleashing a supernatural force."

The Ice House (1978)

"Residents at a health spa begin to suspect a strange flower growing in an old ice house in the grounds may be the cause of a series of misfortunes."

Schalcken the Painter (1979)

"Schalcken the painter sees his one true love, Rose, wedded by contract for a sum of money to a man who may or may not be a demon. When she escapes and returns home, she is pursued by her demon lover."

Casting the Runes (1979) - a bonus from ITV

"After a television series lampoons a famous demonologist, its producer and cast soon find themselves threatened by mysterious, malevolent forces."

Tomorrow, I'll post the final "Ghost Stories for Christmas" which the BBC vainly tried to revive as a series in the mid 2000s.

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