November 8, 2012

Happy Birthday, Bram Stoker!

According to today's Google Doodle, today is Bram Stoker's 165th birthday. Well, it would be if he hadn't died on April 20th, 1912 (aged 64), or if he had been bitten by his most famous creation and become an immortal vampire.

In other Google news, the only reason I saw this doodle was because Google have decided to remove the custom background images from the homepage of their famous search engine. As you can see below, I had a really nice one of a cat with its tongue out which a nagging pop-up message asked me to remove a couple of days ago.

Apparently, it's all part of Google's redesign to make it easier for people with smartphones rather than real computers to be online. Great! (Note the sarcasm.) Now pandering to all the braindead texters has made my logon a completely depersonalised experience and caused the Google image search to be as worthless as trying to find anything on YouTube.

I thought the new Blogger dashboard was bad, but they just have to keep on pushing until we all jump ship to Wordpress and DuckDuckGo instead of leaving well enough alone. When will this madness end?

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