November 14, 2012

2012 - The Year in Review

With only three movie releases left which I care about seeing, I've decided to do my "Year in Review" a month early and get it out of the way.

I have yet to see "The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 2", "The Collection" or "Silent Night", but none of them will change anything I have to say anyway. As much as "The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 2" is the movie which I'm most looking forward to, I highly doubt that it will be so innovative or groundbreaking that it will become my favourite of the year.

If I had to make a top ten list of the best films that I've seen this year, I don't actually think I could find ten of them to fill it with. Once again, we've only had a lot of mediocrity even though the remakes have virtually disappeared (until next year), and there weren't even that many sequels to moan about either.

The horror movies I enjoyed most were "Lovely Molly", "The Awakening", and "Perras". Each was actually made last year but took a while to come out so maybe it's a bit of a cheat on my part. I really didn't like anything that was made this year at all.

In fact, even though I didn't review it, "The Hunger Games" was the only truly 2012 movie which I almost liked. It may have been a PG-13 version of "Battle Royale", but the characters were nicely played and the ending left me wanting more. Surprisingly, I'm going to say that "The Hunger Games" was the best of yet another horrible year.

The movies I hated were "Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter", "The Cabin in the Woods", "Paranormal Activity 4", "Sinister", "The Bay", and, of course, "[REC]³ Génesis". I haven't put them in any particular order since I hated them all almost equally, but "[REC]³ Génesis" was definitely the most disappointing. I half-expected the others to be crap beforehand so they didn't really have a chance to disappoint me more.

The rest of the theatrical releases were just good-looking but soulless things which I didn't feel anything for one way or another. "The Raven", "Prometheus", "Snow White and The Huntsman", "Dark Shadows", "The Possession", and "The Woman in Black" remake (which I refuse to review) were all instantly forgettable.

Although they weren't horror, "Underworld: Awakening", "The Avengers", "The Dark Knight Rises", "Resident Evil: Retribution", "Total Recall" and "Looper" were similarly all style over substance with no originality or rewatchability. I watched them all for free and enjoyed several bags of peanut M&Ms throughout their duration, but I feel sorry for anyone who paid for their own tickets.

As for the straight-to-DVD or VOD movies, there wasn't even one good one. "Absentia" and "Nailbiter" were horrid wastes of time while "Cassadaga", "Apartment 143", "The Innkeepers", "The Pact", "The Tall Man" and "Citadel" were all highly overrated by the bigger horror sites and several horror bloggers. It comes to something when the most entertaining were "ATM", The Asylum's "The Haunting of Whaley House" or the YouTube-endorsed "Smiley". In better years, I wouldn't have gone out of my way to watch any of them.

Even the foreign movies such as "Livide", "Behind the Walls" and "The Skin I Live In" got a resounding "Meh" from me. I couldn't even figure out what "Livide" was supposed to be anyway, "Behind the Walls" was just a mess, and "The Skin I Live In" was a curiously non-horrific horror.

The absolute worst films of 2012 were "The Bay" and "V/H/S" which I didn't even make it through. Whereas "The Bay" was simply too boring to endure, "V/H/S" was completely unwatchable. I can't say anything about "Silent Hill: Revelation 3D" because I haven't seen it and don't want to.

Hopefully, there'll be something decent next year, but it's unlikely. Having seen the list of upcoming remakes and sequels, I think I'll be sticking to my existing horror movie collection from now on.

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