October 26, 2012

Music for Hallowe'en - part 2 - We're Having a Party!

Even though it won't be Hallowe'en until Wednesday, I know that a lot of people are too impatient and will be having their Hallowe'en parties this weekend.

Here are some more songs to get you in the mood.

1. Igor's Night Off - We're Having a Party!

The quintessential Hallowe'en party record. Annie Nightingale used to play this on Radio 1 every time her Sunday show fell on Hallowe'en.

2. Aural Vampire - Freeeeze!!

Everyone knows "Darkwave Surfer", but I'm sure you'd rather see the pretty girl all vampired-up rather than watch a lyrics video.

3. Jennifer Rush - I See a Shadow (Not a Fantasy)

When I first heard this, it made me think of vampires. I have no idea if it really is supposed to be about vampires though.

4. Aqua - Halloween

There's a better video here where some girls do an amazing job of miming to the song. It's a shame that Aqua never made an official video for it themselves.

5. And One - Traumfrau

Their video for "Sometimes" is far creepier, but I thought you'd enjoy this one more.

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