September 18, 2012

Things I do on my blog which piss people off

As a kind of follow-up article to "Things movie bloggers do that piss me off", I decided to indulge in some self-criticism and point out a few things which I'm sure drive the other bloggers who read my blog absolutely mental.

1. I intentionally leave grammatical errors in my posts.

Although I have been known to occasionally go back and edit some of the more ridiculous mistakes, I don't really care if my grammar is 100% correct. If I get the point across then it doesn't matter anyway. The real reason why I do this, of course, is to prevent copyright theft. Finding reposts of my badly written reviews is a lot easier with Google search when people are that lazy to copy them without reading them properly.

2. I don't link to bigger versions of any image I use.

This really happens because I don't use the built-in image uploader which automatically links to a bigger picture. In the past, I found that using the uploader and repositioning images to the right or left made such a mess of the text that I stopped using it. Now I manually put an image right in the middle of each post to satisfy my readers who don't read anything other than the title and only visit my blog to look at the pictures and steal them for their own projects.

3. I don't always have HD trailers at the start of each post.

The thing is, since I don't make any money from this blog, I actually go out of my way to find uploaded trailers on YouTube which aren't monetised and have very few views. Why should anybody else make money from my reviews or someone else's trailer if I can't? Although I try to get the best version of each trailer possible, I'll always choose one with no or less adverts in them in preference to any other. If that trailer isn't in HD, too bad.

4. I don't always respond to comments.

Why should I? I've said what I had to say in the post. This is a blog not a forum. If you've only posted a comment to disagree with my review (even though you are wrong and have no taste) then I might reply if I can be bothered.

5. I delete the old comments.

There are no prizes here for having more comments than anyone else, and, once I've read them, I simply don't need them anymore. In a lot of cases, they are misspelled, irrelevant, or just contain links to other things which I have no interest in, so good riddance.

6. I often change my layout.

Why shouldn't I? It's my blog and I can do what I want to. It's only the main RSS post feed which counts anyway. All the stuff in the sidebar is just eyecandy on most people's blogs, but my current design is actually supposed to make navigation a bit easier. If it doesn't then you obviously have bigger problems with basic computer skills than you realise.

7. Sometimes I post things which have nothing to do with horror.

Sue me. You get all this for free and if I choose to write about something else between horror movie reviews that's my prerogative. I try to limit it, but if I'm going through "writer's block", absolutely anything could turn up. If you continue to read my blog, be prepared for a few random surprises.

8. I don't swear all over my blog like other horror bloggers.

I'm not consciously censoring myself or lame enough to write "f**k" and "s**t" as if that fools anyone. I swear enough on Twitter, my podcast and in real life to qualify as a truck driver so I simply don't feel the need to by the time I come to write my posts.

9. I hate a lot of horror movies.

Yes, I do. The point of my blog is to find good ones to put into "The Vault". If they aren't good enough and waste my time, I'm going to hate them. That doesn't necessarily mean that I hate the filmmakers or actors involved, or that I even hate the people who do like those films. It just means that I hate bad movies.

10. I even hate some of the good horror movies.

No movie is ever perfect so there will always be something to dislike in all of them. Also my taste has changed a lot over the years and, in some cases, a once objective appraisal doesn't matter any more. I'm still always completely honest in every review, and I'll let you know in the post itself when things are just my opinion.

If you are guilty of any of the same things or can think of anything else I do which really pisses you off, leave me a comment below.

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