August 14, 2012

The Miramax Wes Craven Series at Kmart

I had another "Big Day Out" earlier today which involved a trip to my favourite Chinese buffet and Kmart. I used to love Kmart almost as much as Rainman did, but, recently, because they seem to have given up on putting the DVDs out in any recognisable order, sifting through the DVD bins to see what turns up has been too much like hard work. I still did it though.

Although I've been tempted by the Echo Bridge distributions of Miramax titles many times, apart from "The Faculty" and "Phantoms" double-feature for $2.99, I've never bought one from Kmart before. I was hoping that the "Dracula 2000" 4 pack (really a 3 pack with an extra movie which I've never heard of) would turn up, but, until today, I'd only seen the "Dracula 2000" and "Cursed" double-feature.

Anyway, to make a short story even shorter, as you can see, I finally found and bought the 4 pack above. I'd already seen the first movie ages ago, which was called "Dracula 2001" in the UK, but I honestly didn't know there were two sequels to it until fairly recently.

Depending on how good they are, I might review these movies later this week or early next week. I already have a load of reviews which I'm working on at the moment so I didn't really need to complicate matters with another pack of older horrors. But since when has need ever had anything to do with greed?

For $5 though, it wasn't that greedy. I'm very glad that I didn't know about these movies to buy them individually at full price when they first came out. People who did must be furious with themselves now.

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