July 3, 2012

My Region 1 Horror DVDs - part 11

The Fifth Shelf - part B

If you've been reading my previous posts, I'm sure there are some of you who are thinking, "Hey, you don't have [insert name of horror movie here]. Why is that, bro?" or, even, "Hahaha, you think you are some kind of horror movie expert or something, but you don't even have a copy of [insert name of really crappy or obscure horror movie here]. You suck."

As for the latter, you haven't seen inside my Region 2 Case Logic folders or even my screener folders yet (nor will you because none of us have lives long enough for that series of blog posts to happen).

The simpler answer to the former, however, is that I've been buying a lot of multi-packs (is "multipacks" without a hyphen a word? My spell checker doesn't think so).

To cut a long story short, if I can get at least four movies for the price of one, the single DVD purchase isn't going to happen.

Owing to the number of titles on these packs, I have divided up the second half of the bottom shelf into another three parts. This post will be about my Echo Bridge Home Entertainment horror multi-packs, all of which came from my local pawn shop.

From left to right, not that it matters because the spines are fairly similar, here we go again.

4 Films - Vampire Collector's Set
"Shadow Zone: The Undead Express", "Vampire Wars: The Battle for the Universe", "Nadja" and "The Case of the Whitechapel Vampire". This really sucks (no pun intended) as in "this is the worst collection of vampire movies I have ever seen". This was the first of these packs which I ever bought and I diligently watched every movie.

4 Films - Horror Collector's Pack
"Kraken: Tentacles of the Deep", "Howling IV: The Original Nightmare", "Night Shadow", and "Raging Sharks". I have, unfortunately, watched all these movies too now. It's not the worst of these packs but nothing here would rate more than a 3 out of 10.

4 Films - Horror Collector's Pack 2
"Hindsight", "Night of the Living Dead", "Razor Eaters", and "Cruel World". Is it just me or has nobody on the planet even heard of any of these movies apart from "Night of the Living Dead"? I haven't watched this DVD yet but I can almost taste how awful it will be.

4 Films - Horror Collector's Pack 3
"Live Animals", "Roman", "Wages of Sin", and "Skeleton Man". Nope, I haven't watched any of these yet either. I've heard of "Roman" before but that's it.

4 Films - Horror Collector's Pack 4
"Bloody Mary", "Mortuary", "Memory", and "Salvage". Things improved with this pack since I've heard of Tobe Hooper's "Mortuary" before (in a bad way) and I know that "Salvage" was filmed on the old set of "Brookside" (if I'm thinking of the right film). Have I watched them yet? Nope.

The Midnight Horror Collection - Bloody Slashers
"Hoboken Hollow", "Secrets of the Clown", "Room 33", and "Curtains". I've watched two of these so far, "Hoboken Hollow" (which I've reviewed on here) and "Curtains". Maybe I'll finish this DVD one day but I don't hold out much hope for the quality of the other two films.

The Midnight Horror Collection - Road Trip to Hell
"The Craving", "Sheltered", "Hell's Highway", and "Feeding Grounds". I've watched the first two and they weren't totally awful so this pack still holds the most promise for me.

The Midnight Horror Collection - Blood Predators
"The Vampire Conspiracy", "Fist of the Vampire", "Curse of the Wolf", and "Bachelor Party in the Bungalow of the Damned". I've watched part of the last movie from this set just to see Zoe Hunter get nude. It wasn't a pleasant movie and I now have a feeling that the others will all be handycam crap as well.

8 Movies - Midnight Horror
"Night of the Living Dead", "Windcroft", "Interview with a Serial Killer", "Dark Woods", "Keepsake", "My Sweet Killer", "Final Remains", and "Colour from the Dark". I haven't even opened this yet because I've only just got it. Obviously, I've already seen "Night of the Living Dead" but that is all.

8 Movie Pack - The Midnight Horror Collection
"The Legend of Sorrow Creek", "Prom Night", "Below", "I Am Omega", "Evil Bong", "Meridian", "Demonic Toys", and "Decadent Evil". So far, I've already seen "Prom Night", "Below", "Meridian" (known as "Phantoms" in the UK), and part of "Demonic Toys". "Below" and "Meridian" were good.

The trouble with these Echo Bridge packs, although not so much now that they are distributing Miramax's back catalogue, is that you often get one average film and a load of below average crap just to fill up the set.

They also swap titles from one volume to another so randomly that, if you were to buy every Echo Bridge collection, you would probably end up with 6 copies of "Night of the Living Dead" (and God knows how many copies of everything else) just to get one extra movie.

I have only collected the packs which gave me the least amount of repetition so I don't have them all. If Echo Bridge were to create some real "volumes" with no repeated titles, I think most people would be a lot happier and would buy them all for completeness. I know I would.

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