July 2, 2012

My Region 1 Horror DVDs - part 10

The Fifth Shelf - part A

I've reached the bottom shelf! It was also the most awkward to photograph so I apologise again for the wonky picture which follows. The titles are legible but the angle left a lot to be desired. You can click it for an enlargement and to laugh at my lack of photography skills.

Time to go through them then. From left to right, or from top to bottom as you read the list, here are the final "normal" horror DVDs in my Region 1 collection.

Tremors - Attack Pack
Okay, I fibbed a bit. This is, of course, a multi-pack and not a single DVD. I got it from FYE in a clearance sale so I have no idea if this is out of print now or if they just had too many. Either way, only the first "Tremors" film is any good and the other three sequels are SyFy channel quality dreck. If I had my "drothers" as they say round here, I'd be just as happy with the single DVD of "Tremors" even though it wouldn't save me any space.

Triangle is in my R1 folder.

Trick or Treat
If I ever find this in a multi-pack, I'll be selling it or giving it away. I saw it in the late '80s and it seemed okay, but I hate "rock and roll" or "heavy metal" music and I can't stand the sight of Ozzy Osbourne or Gene Simmons after being subjected to their reality TV shows. I think this DVD came from Big Lots or it may have just appeared one day to torment me.

Tales of Terror / Twice Told Tales
Another double-feature which is only half out of alphabetical order due to the second title. Big Lots had most of the MGM "Midnite Movies" collection. Apparently, they are worth a fortune on VHS now but not so much on DVD. I can imagine that someone out there has all of them and I expect they'd all look really good together on a shelf even if their contents leave a lot to be desired. These two movies are the Vincent Price ones, of course, since they are the only ones I like from this series.

I LOVE TWILGHT! Yes, I'm "Team Bella" all the way and I don't care who knows it. Seriously, "Twilight" is as much a part of the horror genre as "Dark Shadows" or crappy handycam zombie movies. None of them are scary but they all contain monstrous characters who you really wouldn't want to encounter in real life. I bought the first three Twilight Saga movies for $2 each from a pawn shop so I win anyway.

The Twilight Saga: New Moon
I will admit that this one is pretty bad and is the weakest in the series but Bella looks great in it so I win again.

The Twilight Saga: Eclipse
Finally, some action! Werewolves and vampires fighting each other, some sinister stuff happening as a subplot, and Bella is still gorgeous. Triple win! I've seen the first part of "Breaking Dawn" now too (I couldn't wait any longer) so I'll be reviewing that soon. It was awesome!

It's by the director of "Equilibrium" and it stars Milla Jovovich. You would think it couldn't fail, right? Unfortunately, it's a horrible movie other than how it looks. "Daybreakers" did this kind of story much better.

And the crappiness continues with "Underworld" or, as I refer to them, "those crappy Kate Beckinsale movies which are all in blue and black". I got this and the sequel from the pawn shop for $2 each so I'm prepared to try and enjoy them one day when I've lost some more brain cells. I've seen the other two movies as well and really hated the prequel with Rhona Mitra in it so I won't be buying them unless I get the same deal.

Underworld: Evolution
I have no words for this except, "Gah!"

The Uninvited
I honestly like this better than "A Tale of Two Sisters". I couldn't follow the original Korean movie at all and it was way too long. This was $5 of my store credit spent wisely. I love the look of the film and all the actresses are hot in it. That's okay too because the two younger ones are a lot older than the characters they are playing.

Urban Legend
I saw it for $3 in Big Lots and thought, "Why not?" It's okay, the sequels both suck so I didn't ever buy them, and, well, it marked the end of the "trendy teen horror" phase of the '90s pretty well. As you know, I don't have "Scream" or "I Know What You Did Last Summer" except on VHS because I refuse to waste any more of my money on that crap.

Kate Beckinsale again. It's the only reason I have this. I think I got it used from FYE but I can't remember. I'll grudgingly say that it was better than average.

Vacancy 2: The First Cut
From the pawn shop because I was curious. You all know what curiosity did to the cat, don't you? This was a horrible prequel which I thought that I'd reviewed recently. If I haven't then look forward to when I do tear it apart.

Also known as "John Carpenter's Vampires" as if having his name on any movie will sell it to you. James Woods is great in this and Sheryl Lee provides the much needed eyecandy. From the pawn shop again because it was there.

Village of the Damned & Children of the Damned
If only Big Lots had "Cat People & Curse of the Cat People" then I'd have the full set of these double-features. I've seen these films so many times on the Turner movie channels that I still haven't even taken the shrink-wrap off this.

White Noise
I watched it and can't remember it. That's a great recommendation for a horror movie right there. It was from Big Lots along with its superior sequel.

White Noise 2: The Light
A pretty decent Nathan Fillion vehicle which does all the things that the first movie didn't including having some scares and characters that you can care about.

The Wicker Man is in my R2 folder.

Wind Chill
I watched this on the plane when I came to America. I don't know where I bought it but I haven't opened this one either. It was a very good film apart from the ending.

When a Stranger Calls
I've seen all three (almost four) versions of this story, "When a Stranger Calls", "When a Stranger Calls Back" and "When a Killer Calls". Even though it's a PG-13, this is still the best out of all of them. Both the originals suffer from having a good first 20 minutes and nothing else while the version by The Asylum goes in a different direction apart from the title. The house is the real star in this though. As ever, it came from the pawn shop because I was too stupid to buy it from Big Lots for a dollar more.

Witchcraft 13
Seriously, this is the worst horror movie in my collection. I don't say this often but DO NOT BUY THIS CRAP! Everything about this "movie", from the manufacture of the DVD itself to the "acting" or "effects" (those words have to be in quotation marks for sarcasm), is terrible. This is my reminder to be even more careful about my pawn shop purchases in future.

The Wolf Man - The Legacy Collection
Guess what this contains? If you guessed other than Universal's "The Wolf Man", "Werewolf of London", "Frankenstein Meets the Wolf Man" and "She-Wolf of London" then go away quickly and recite the irritating poem from the 1941 classic until you can't stand it anymore. This was from FYE for $14.99 and it's the weakest of the main three "Legacy" packs in terms of extras.

The Wolfman
This has the unrated director's cut and the theatrical version which only makes sense to own because certain cuts in the theatrical version highlight some major continuity errors in the longer version and vice-versa. From my usual pawn shop for $2.50 otherwise I wouldn't have bothered with it.

The Woods
Lucky McKee's version of "Suspiria" and a much better movie than anything Dario Argento could make anyway. Agnes Bruckner stands out as does the updated musical version of "You Don't Own Me" by Lesley Gore which is played in full over the end credits. Oh, Bruce Campbell is in it too. I got it from Big Lots for $3.

The Wraith used to be here but I sold it.

Wrong Turn
The only "Wrong Turn" movie worth having. All the sequels suck. From Wal-mart for $5 and with a crappy eco-case to add insult to injury. It has Faith from "Buffy" in it though.

There are no X, Y or Z's worth buying so, obviously, I don't have any. Off the top of my head, I can't even think of any horror titles beginning with those letters apart from "Xtro", "Young Frankenstein" or "Zombie Flesh Eaters" and one of those is really a comedy.

Woohoo! I'm done... sort of. This may be the end of the more obvious horror DVDs but now I can take a bit more time over the other double, triple, quadruple, octuple and even duodecuple features. You get the idea. Tomorrow's posts will be all about the multi-packs.

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