July 10, 2012

Last night I discovered one of the limitations of Blogger

Quite early this morning, I made a terrifying discovery... I couldn't follow any more blogs!!!

How this came to be was purely due to my own greediness in wanting to have a "Bloody Blogroll" which had every horror blog in existence on it (at least those with Google Friend Connect anyway). I'd actually beaten the system and the alleged 300 followed blogs limit several times over, but at 1103 it just stopped working.

Yes, 1103 was my following limit... and things were about to get worse than that. I couldn't even log back into the Dashboard interface without a ten minute wait. Clearly something needed to be done so I went to the Google Friend Connect box, logged in, and clicked on the "Sites you've joined" link.

It was at this point that I should have known better, but I started deleting the blogs, slowly, one at a time, and with over 2000 mouseclicks plus the pop-up window jumping all over the screen (due to the ridiculous length of some people's blog names), I cleared the lot in around three hours.

Of course, what I only discovered half-way through was that the little red avatar of my Paintshopped (not photoshopped) fizzog was disappearing from everybody else's Google Friend Connect gadget. Thus, if you are reading this after wondering why your followers' number dropped by one last night, now you know the reason why.

Fortunately, "The Bloody Blogroll" remained intact so I can still use it to go round and rejoin everybody's blogs again at my leisure. I expect a lot of people will just unfollow me now though. Such are the egos in the horror blogosphere.

Anyway, that's what happened.

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