July 28, 2012

It's Caturday! Some obscure finds

I know Caturday is nearly over, but we had a few problems with a tornado on Thursday. Most of the town was without power and, of course, the internet was down until only a few minutes ago.

Since I was one of the lucky ones who had electricity again within a few hours, I spent the last three days watching some pretty obscure (and not very good) horror movies.

On Thursday, I watched "The Haunting of Julia" (1977), "Milo" (1998), and "Bloody Birthday" (1981). I finally saw "The Dark Knight Rises" too which was horror for me anyway, but I'll write about that later. "Baturday" has been postponed due to wind.

On Friday, after helping some friends move fallen branches out of their yard, I watched a really dreadful Canadian anthology on VHS called "Mania" (also known as "Mania: The Intruder"). I think it was originally a made-for-TV movie from 1986 because I'd never heard of it before.

In the segment called "The Good Samaritan", Stephen Hunter (playing Dan Weston) exclaimed, "How did you get in here?" to the cat below. Obviously, it was because he got in through the same basement window that the knife-wielding maniac did! There was a twist to the story which I saw coming a mile away. It probably explains why the cat was eager to leave this film too.

Then I watched a quite a hard to find VHS title called "The Slayer" (1982). I have a feeling that it was actually banned during the "video nasties" nonsense in Britain, but Vipco re-released it on VHS with a few cuts. I have no idea if this is on DVD, but it's an awful movie and doesn't deserve to be.

At the end of "The Slayer", you find out that it was all a little girl's nightmare, it's Christmas and her father has bought her a big black cat for a present. There was no cat anywhere else in the movie so her terrified reaction to it made about as much sense as anything else. I'd avoid this one if I was you.

Earlier today, out of desperation, I started watching my "Drive-in Cult Classics" pack but I didn't get to any horror ones yet. To be honest, the first DVD seemed like '70s porn and I fell asleep to it. When I woke up, the internet was back on. Yay!

That's all I have time for right now. I wrote this in a bit of a rush, but I have dozens of sites to check, comments to read, and reviews to write of Christopher Nolan's "Batman" movies for tomorrow. With more storms predicted, that's assuming that the electricity and the internet stays on.

The Answers to Tuesday's Quiz
1. Monica Keena wears that big diver's watch in "Night of the Demons" (2009). She keeps checking it as she waits for dawn to come at 6am.
2. The cat is Hecate who belongs to Catwoman in "Batman: The Movie" (1966). I didn't say that it was from a horror movie.
3. Gnaghi is eating spaghetti (and quite a few other things) in "Cemetery Man" (1994). I even mentioned him by name in my review so that should have been easy.

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