July 7, 2012

It's Caturday! No movies for you!

It's far too hot to sit in the catroom and watch movies with Willow and Suzi so I've decided to let sleeping cats lie. I'll go to bed too so I can get up early and go to the pawn shop at a decent time later.

This is a rare moment as it's not often that I catch them together like this. It either has to be too cold or too hot for them to tolerate each other. My weather applet says that it's currently 99 degrees with a "chance of a storm" so this amnesty will only last until the thunder starts. Willow will soon be hiding under the futon while Suzi runs round the house like a maniac.

They also have completely different tastes in movies. Willow prefers the romantic Spanish comedies of Penelope Cruz while Suzi is all about Tom Cruise. Thank God for "Vanilla Sky" or there'd be even more fights over the remote control.

Since Suzi doesn't have as many pictures of herself online as Willow, here's one of her pretending to sleep while enjoying my old office chair in front of a window fan last night.

She's such a faker. It's probably because she has no tail. No, it wasn't caused by some horrific accident. She's a Manx. More than that, she's a Torbie Manx. She has an extra chromosome which makes her even cleverer than me and, of course, much better looking.

Anyway, I'll be back later with what I found at the pawn shop. I'm hoping for "Night of the Demons", "Cemetery Man", and more Echo Bridge quadruple features, but it'll probably only be the latter which turn up.

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