July 18, 2012

Google Friend Connect Meltdown - The Aftermath. Who am I not following?

Three posts in one day? Yeah, I've done worse if you look back to June and July of 2010, but that was due to swapping an existing HTML website into the Blogger format.

If you've already read about my accidental overload of the GFC gadget then this probably won't interest you because you know the score.

The thing is, I've now lost quite a few interesting blogs from where I read them on the Dashboard and I want them back.

I also lost hundreds of completely dead or abandoned blogs too which I don't care about so much since most of them are still haunting my blogroll. Wooooh! Just like scary ghosties.

If my little red avatar isn't on your GFC (as in the example above) and you think it should be, can you please leave a comment below including the URL of your blog?

I'm having quite a difficult time matching up Disqus screen names to Blogger accounts so it will make everything a lot easier.

By the way, thank you for all the comments on my other posts recently. I was beginning to feel more neglected than a quilting blogger.

I'm nearly at 200,000 pageviews so I know a lot of you are reading but not commenting. As long as you are enjoying my writing, my hatred of the semi-colon, and my inconsistent use of commas and conjunctions, then it's all good.

Yes, I know...

Also, you all definitely need to watch "Perras". My review is below.

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